James Franco Celebrates John Steinbeck’s Birthday With a Selfie


JamesFrancoselfietoJohnSteinbeckJamesFrancoselfieJohn Steinbeck was born on February 27, 1902. He wrote Of Mice and Men, both the story and the play, which is being revived on Broadway starring James Franco, making his Broadway debut. This explains his selfie, accompanied by:

OF MICE AND MENz!!!! – HAPpY B-DAY JOHN STEINBECK – from your CALiFORNIA SoN! – JIMMY – TELL ME ABOUT DEM RABBITS!!!! @miceandmenbway#miceandmenbway @penguinclassics


LOoK AT MY Sh*t!!!!!! LOOK AT MY BOOK SH*t!!!! Gonna MAKE IT rAIN WITH BOOKS!! GOT BOOKS LiKE LETTUCE!! likE tHE LETTUCE LENNy GONNA FEED DeM RABBITS!!!!!!!! @miceandmenbway#miceandmenbway @penguinclassics

Taking a cue from the British Sirs?

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