Poll: Worst Broadway Show 2017

Welcome to my sixth annual Worst Broadway Show poll. Pick the show you thought was the worst to open on Broadway in 2017.
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Watch “You Will Be Found” Sung By Dear Evan Hansen Fans from 31 Countries

The “virtual choir” put together by Dear Evan Hansen’s musical supervisor Alex Lacamoire and sound designer Nevin Steinberg, which puts a real-world spin on the rapidly spreading social media voices from the musical.

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Once On This Island Review, Pics, Video: Enchanting Caribbean Vacation on Broadway

The first Broadway revival of “Once on This Island,” a stunning storybook production of a Caribbean-flavored folktale, begins in the aftermath of a natural disaster, as a story of love and loss told to soothe a frightened girl. With a terrifically appealing cast, including Lea Salonga as the goddess of love and several impressive Broadway debuts, as well as a rhythmic score, infectious choreography, vibrantly colorful design, and clever stagecraft,  the musical itself could well serve to soothe audience members reeling from the year’s many disasters. There are even live roosters and a goat cute enough to be the star attraction in a petting zoo.

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Meteor Shower Review, Pics: Amy Schumer makes her Broadway debut

Reverting to his early-career wackiness,  Steve Martin enlists four phenomenal performers, including Amy Schumer making her Broadway debut, for a joke-filled, overlong, trickster comedy sketch about marriage that is an uneasy stew of Neil Simon and Edward Albee, but falls short of either….

Meteor Shower may be a cloudburst of laugh lines lasting only about 80 minutes, but its non-sequiturs and silliness turn tedious in a remarkably short time.

Still, some sparks do fly….

Full review in DC Theatre Scene

The Parisian Woman starring Uma Thurman: Review and Pics

Uma Thurman and Josh Lucas neither kill a dog nor bed an FBI agent in The Parisian Woman, a tame, tidy, talky and only superficially timely play about a D.C. power couple engaged in political intrigue. It is written by Beau Willimon, who is also the creator of Netflix’s more daring House of Cards, where for five seasons the Underwoods have killed and bed with abandon.

Full review on DC Theatre Scene

Tickets to The Parisian Woman


Watch Broadway at the 2017 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

The 91st annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade had two big balloons that are also Broadway shows  — and performances by such Broadway shows as Dear Evan Hansen (with the new Evan Hansen, Noah Galvin), Anastasia, and two shows not yet opened, SpongeBob SquarePants and Once On This Island, as well as the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes. Snippets of those performances are in the videos below.

Dear Evan Hansen: Through the Window book published as Platt departs Broadway musical

In his dressing room at “Dear Evan Hansen,” Ben Platt has kept an anonymous letter from a fan: “You stopped me from letting go.” That letter kept him going when “I don’t want to cry, and sing, and scream” in the title role of Evan Hansen in the Tony-winning Broadway musical.

Platt is leaving the musical today, two days before the official publication of “Dear Evan Hansen through the window” (Grand Central Publishing, 2017, 224 pages) the latest coffee table book that offers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a Broadway musical and also contains the entire libretto of the show, annotated.

The new book is similar to last year’s Hamilton The Revolution and The Great Comet of 1812: The Journey of a New Musical to Broadway Like the others, the Evan Hansen book is geared for fans such as that anonymous letter-writer, the most fanatical of whom call themselves “Fansens,”   It is an elaborate souvenir book with lots of photographs, individual profiles of each member of the cast and creative team and a tinge of self-congratulations. (It is also printed on paper dyed blue or black, which is dramatic and keeping with the the musical’s color scheme, but makes the words less easy to read.)   But the book also offers intriguing details of the years-long process of putting together a musical from scratch, without even, say, American history or a famous novel to guide its creators.

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