Broadway 2023-2024 Season Preview Guide

Below is my preview guide of Broadway openings in the 2023-2024 season. The shows are listed chronologically by opening date* (not by first preview), with the title linked to the show’s official website.
It only includes shows that as of now have an official opening date and a theater. More is to come; much will be changed. This guide will be periodically updated.


Theatre: Lyceum Theatre
First Preview: April 29, 2023
Opening: May 30, 2023
Closed: July 30
Cast: Laurie Metcalf, Tatiana Maslany, Paul Sparks, Sophia Anne Caruso, Cyndi Coyne, Colby Kipnes, Alyssa Emily Marvin, Eamon Patrick O’Connell, Millicent Simmonds
Writer: Levi Holloway
Director: Joe Mantello
Levi Holloway’s new horror play about a couple who crashes their car in the mountains and seek shelter in an isolated cabin.
My review


Theatre: Marquis Theatre
First Preview: May 13, 2023
Opening: June 22, 2023
Closed: September 3, 2023
Cast:: Briga Heelan, Justin Guarini, Jennifer Simard, Adam Godley, Brooke Dillman, Aisha Jackson, Ryann Redmond, Tess Soltau
Writers: Britney Spears (music), Jon Hartmere (book)
Directors: Keone & Mari Madrid
A jukebox musical featuring the hits of Britney Spears are woven into a feminist spin on fairy tales, after a reading group for Cinderella, Snow White and other fairy tale princesses read Betty Friedan’s “The Feminine Mystique”

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Hudson Theater
First Preview: June 22, 2023
Opening: June 26, 2023
Closing: August 19, 2023
Written and performed by Alex Edelman
Director: Adam Brace†
Stand-up comic Alex Edelman’s Obie-winning solo show is about his visit as a Jew to a meeting of antisemites.

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Broadway Theater
First Preview: June 17, 2023
Opening: July 20, 2023
Cast: Arielle Jacobs, Jose Llana, Conrad Ricamora
Writers: David Byrne (concept, music & lyrics), Fatboy Slim (lyrics)
Director: Alex Timbers
The musical about the rise and fall of Imelda Marcos transformed the Public Theater into a disco, and transform the Broadway theater to make it just as immersive — something that hasn’t been done on Broadway since “Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812.”.

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Hayes Theater
First Preview: July 7, 2023
Opening: July 24, 2023
Closing: October 29, 2023
Starring: Eric McCormack, Laura Bell Bundy, Lilli Cooper
Writer: Sandy Rustin
Director: Jason Alexander
Jason Alexander makes his Broadway directing debut  in this Noel Coward-like comedy set in the English countryside in 1923, when Sylvia (Bundy) decides to expose her affair to both her husband and to her lover’s wife.

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Winter Garden Theater
First Preview: June 30, 2023
Opening: August 3, 2023
Cast: Roger Bart, Casey Likes, Hugh Coles, Liana Hunt, Jelani Remy, Nathaniel Hackmann
Writers: Alan Silvestri & Glenn Ballard (music & lyrics), Bob Gale (book)
Director: John Rando
A musical based on the 1985 movie adapted by the movie’s co-creators, Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis.

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Theatre: John Golden Theatre
First Preview: July 25, 2023
Opening: August 10, 2023
Cast: Ian Shaw
Writer: Ian Shaw, Joseph Nixon
Director: Guy Masterson
 Writer and performer Ian Shaw is the son of Robert Shaw, who portrayed the shark-obsessed fisherman Quint in Jaws. This play is a comedic exploration of the behind-the-scenes drama that took place during the filming of the 1975 Steven Spielberg film

My review

Ethel Barrymore Theatre
First Preview: August 17, 2023
Opening: August 20, 2023
Closing: August 27, 2023
Starring: Antonio Díaz
Creator: Antonio Díaz
Directors: Antonio Díaz and Mag Lari
An illusionist

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Music Box Theater
First Preview: September 7
Opening Date: September 27
Cast: Leslie Odom, Jr., Vanessa Bell Calloway, Billy Eugene Jones, Noah Pyzik, Noah Robbins, Jay O. Sanders, Heather Alicia Simms, Bill Timoney, and Kara Young. Kenny Leon directs
Writer: Ossie Davis
Director: Kenny Leon
About: Ossie Davis’ comedy of a traveling preacher in the Jim Crow-era South will receive its first Broadway revival.

Melissa Etheridge: My Window
Circle in the Square
First preview: September 14
Opening: September 28
Closing: November 19
Directed by Amy Tinkim
Cast: Melissa Etheridge
The Grammy and Academy Award winning rock star tales of her childhood in Kansas and her groundbreaking career highlights


Jaja’s African Hair Braiding
MTC’s Samuel J. Friedman Theater
First preview: September 12
Opening: October 3
Written by Jocelyn Bioh
Directed by Whitney White
Cast: Brittany Adebumola, Maechi Aharanwa, Rachel Christopher, Kalyne Coleman,Somi Kakoma, Lakisha May, Nana Mensah, Michael Oloyede, Dominique Thorne, Zenzi Williams
A sweltering summer day at Jaja’s bustling hair braiding salon in Harlem, where every day, a lively and eclectic group of West African immigrant hair braiders are creating masterpieces on the heads of neighborhood women

Merrily We Roll Along
Hudson Theater
First Preview: September 19, 2023
Opening: October 10
Closing: March 24, 2024
Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Jonathan Groff, Lindsay Mendez, Krystal Joy Brown, Katie Rose Clarke, Reg Rogers
Writers: Stephen Sondheim (music & lyrics), George Furth (book)
Director: Maria Friedman
About: The first Broadway revival of Stephen Sondheim and George Furth’s famously problematic musical that goes backward in time telling the story of three friends who lose the idealism of their youth. My review of the production Off Broadway

Gutenberg The Musical
James Earl Jones Theater
First Preview: September 15
Opening: October 12
Closing: January 28, 2024
Starring: Josh Gad and Andrew Rannells
Writers:  Scott Brown and Anthony King, 
Director: Alex Timbers
Gad and Rannells, the original stars of “The Book of Mormon,” reunite for this two-handed spoof of a bad Broadway musical, portraying two aspiring musical theater writers, Bud and Doug, who are putting on an investor’s reading of their new work about the invention of the printing press, which takes many liberties to make it more Broadway-worthy, adding a love interest, fabricating a villain, and getting everything wrong. First presented twenty years ago at the comedy club Upright Citizens Brigade by the duo who went on to dramatize Beetlejuice.


Roundabout’s American Airlines Theater
First Preview: October 13 2023
Opening: November 2
Closing: December 23
Starring: Danny DeVito, Lucy DeVito, Ray Anthony Thomas
Writer: Theresa Rebeck
Director: Moritz von Stuelpnagel
Theresa Rebeck’s new comedy about a hoarder facing eviction.

Ethel Barrymore Theatre
First Preview: October 18, 2023
Opening: November 13, 2023
Starring: Sean Bell, Danny Kornfeld, Zal Owen, Eric Peters, Blake Roman, Steven Telsey
Writers: Barry Manilow (music), Bruce Sussman (book & lyrics)
Director: Warren Carlyle
A musical based on the fascinating true story of The Comedian Harmonists, a German singing group in the 1930s made up of Jews and Gentiles that was so popular that the Nazis tolerated them…for a time. It took Manilow and Sussman twenty-five years to get this show to New York. My review of Harmony when it was Off-Broadway.

St James
First preview: October 31
Opening date: November 16
Book and lyrics by Eric Idle
Music by John Du Prez and Eric Idle
Direction and choreography by Josh Rhodes
Cast: Christopher Fitzgerald as Patsy, James Monroe Iglehart as King Arthur, Leslie Rodriguez Kritzer as The Lady Of The Lake, Ethan Slater as The Historian/ Prince Herbert,Jimmy Smagula as Sir Bedevere, Michael Urie as Sir Robin, Nik Walker as Sir Galahad
The first Broadway revival of the 2005 Tony-winning musical “lovingly ripped from the film classic, Monty Python and the Holy Grail” with everything from “flying cows to killer rabbits, British royalty to French taunters, dancing girls, rubbery shrubbery, and of course, the lady of the lake. “


How to Dance in Ohio
First preview: November 15
Opening date: December 10
Book and lyrics by Rebekah Greer Melocik, music by Jacob Yandura
Directed by Sammi Cannold
In this musical based on an HBO documentary of the same name, seven autistic young adults at a group counseling center in Columbus, Ohio, prepare for a spring formal dance—a challenge that breaks open their routines as they experience love, stress, excitement, and independence.

Second Stage’s Helen Hayes Theater
First preview: November 28
Opening date: December 18
Written by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
Directed by Lila Neugebauer
Cast: Sarah Paulson
 The Lafayette family has returned to their late patriarch’s Arkansas home to deal with the remains of his estate, exposing some long-hidden secrets and buried resentments.  


Prayer for the French Republic
MTC’s Samuel J. Friedman Theater
First preview: December 19
Opening date: January 9
Writer: Joshua Harmon
Director: David Cromer

In 1944, a Jewish couple in Paris desperately awaits news of their missing family. More than 70 years later, the couple’s great-grandchildren find themselves facing the same question as their ancestors: “Are we safe?” My review of the play Off-Broadway.

Days of Wine and Roses
Studio 54
First preview: January 6
Opening: January 28
Book by Craig Lucas, Based on the play by JP Miller and the Warner Bros. film
Music and Lyrics by Adam Guettel
Directed by Michael Greif
Cast: Kelli O’Hara and Brian d’Arcy James
A Broadway transfer of the stage adaptation of the sad, dark story about a couple who fall in love with alcohol – originally a 1958 teleplay starring Cliff Robertson and Piper Laurie, then a 1962 film with Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick.  I raved about it Off-Broadway.


The Notebook
First preview: February 6
Opening: March 14
Music & Lyrics by Ingrid Michaelson
Book by Bekah Brunstetter, based on Nicholas Sparks 1996 debut novel (which was made into a popular film in 2004)
Choreography by Katie Spelman
Directed by Michael Greif and Schele Williams
Allie and Noah, from different worlds, share a lifetime of love despite the forces that threaten to pull them apart. 

Water for Elephants
Imperial Theater
First preview: February 24
Opening: March 21
Book by Rick Elice based on the novel by Sara Gruen
Music and lyrics by PigPen Theatre Co.
Directed by Jessica Stone
After losing what matters most, a young man jumps a moving train unsure of where the road will take him and finds a new home with the remarkable crew of a traveling circus. (A 2011 film starring  Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson, and Christoph Waltz was also based on Gruen’s novel.)


The Outsiders
Bernard Jacobs Theater
First preview: March 16
Opening: April 11
Book by Adam Rapp with Justin Levine
Music and lyrics by Jamestown Revival (Jonathan Clay & Zach Chance) and Justin Levine
Directed by Danya Taylor
A new musical based on the novel by S.E. Hinton and the movie by Francis Ford Coppola: In Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1967, the hardened hearts and aching souls of Ponyboy Curtis, Johnny Cade and their chosen family of ‘outsiders’ are in a fight for survival and a quest for purpose in a world that may never accept them.

Uncle Vanya
Lincoln Center’s Vivian Beaumont Theater
First preview: April 2
Opening: April 24
Written by Anton Chekhov, in a new translation by Heidi Schreck
Directed by Lila Neugebauer
Sonya and her uncle Vanya have devoted their lives to managing the family farm in isolation, but when her celebrated, ailing father and his charismatic wife move in,their lives are upended. In the heat of the summer, the wrong people fall in love, desires and resentments erupt, and the family is forced to reckon with the ghosts of their unlived lives.

Mother Play
First preview: April 2
Opening: April 25
Written by Paula Vogel
Directed by Tina Landau
Cast: Celia Keenan-Bolger, Jessica Lange, Jim Parsons
It’s 1962, just outside of D.C., and matriarch Phyllis (Jessica Lange) is supervising her teenage children, Carl (Jim Parsons) and Martha (Celia Keenan-Bolger), as they move into a new apartment. Phyllis has strong ideas about what her children need to do and be to succeed, and woe be the child who finds their own path

Announced But Without Opening Date

Mary Jane
MTC’s Samuel J. Friedman Theater
First Preview: April 2
Written by Amy Herzog
Directed by Anne Kaufman
Cast: Rachel McAdams
The playwright and director reunite to tell the story of Mary Jane, a single mother who takes care of her two-year-old son Alex, who was born prematurely and wasn’t expected to live more than a few days. My review of the 2017 Off-Broadway production of this play, which  exerted a quiet, warm but firm grip on audience emotions as we gradually come to understand just how much it takes for Mary Jane to remain both diligent and hopeful.

*Opening Night

Opening night is usually not the same as the first performance on Broadway. There is usually a preview period, of anywhere from a few days to a few weeks (sometimes a few months), where the creative team tries out the show before an audience. One of the few things opening night still means is that’s when the reviews come out. I organize this calendar by opening night rather than first performance, as a way to support the continuing relevance of theater reviewing. Check out my essay: Broadway Opening Night. What It Means. How It’s Changed. 7 Facts to Clear Up The Confusion and Crystallize the Outrage.

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