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Below are eleven popular posts over the eleven years since I began, in May 2012. All of these posts, ranked in order of popularity, are still getting traffic. (I have omitted some that were once popular but no longer get clicks, as well as such annual favorites as the Broadway season guides; here are the latest ones, for 2022-2023 and 2023-2024.)

The 50 Best Plays of The Past 100 Years

(posted June 27, 2013)


Anything about the musical Hamilton has gotten great traffic since its debut in 2015. These three are the second, third and fourth most popular posts on the site:

Hamilton on Broadway 2019: New Cast, New Clarity (March 8, 2019)

Quiz: Which character in Hamilton are you? (originally posted July 15, 2015)

Hamilton on Broadway 2021. A cast of newcomers and returning favorites. (September 14, 2021)

Poll: Worst Broadway Show of the Decade

( December 22, 2019)

Broadway Producer Emanuel Azenberg: “We’ve chased away an audience.”

(May 20, 2022)

Broadway’s Best Dance Numbers

(July 2, 2013.) These were the best answers to the question I posed to the readers a decade ago.  There are apt to be additional choices now.

Broadway’s Most Entertaining Shows About Serious Social Issues

(August 22, 2017) These toowere answers to a question I asked the readers.

In The Heights Movie: 10 Changes from the Broadway Musical

(June 12, 2021)

Blackface on Stage: The Complicated History of Minstrel Shows

(February 7, 2019) This post has become a staple on college reading lists.

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries’ ABCs of American Values: “The Constitution over the cult …Freedom over fascism… Maturity over Mar-a-Lago…”

(January 7, 2023)

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