George Santos Roundup: Memorable articles about the CONgressman

Ever since newly-elected New York Congressman George Santos was revealed as a liar, and worse, not a day has gone by without something new. It’s embarrassing, of course; much of it is infuriating; but let’s face it, some of it is entertaining. I’ve tried to read everything, Here are some articles I found memorable, or at least clarifying.

We must begin with the North Shore Leader, a local Long Island newspaper that called Robert Santos out before anybody else, in articles such as Santos Filings Now Claim Net Worth of $11 Million in September (which concludes: “‘Are we are being played as extras in ‘The Talented Mr Santos’ ?’ asked one Republican leader.”) and in its editorial ” Endorsement: Robert Zimmerman for US Congress (NY3)” which is mostly about Santos: “This newspaper would like to endorse a Republican for US Congress in NY3 (Oyster Bay, N Hempstead, NE Queens). But the GOP nominee – George Santos – is so bizarre, unprincipled and sketchy that we cannot….He brags about his “wealth” and his “mansions” in the Hamptons – but he really lives in a row house in Queens. He boasts like an insecure child – but he’s most likely just a fabulist – a fake.”

Who Is Rep.-Elect George Santos? His Résumé May Be Largely Fiction. (New York Times, December 19.)

The article that set off the furor.

Clothes Make the Con Man, by fashion critic Vanessa Friedman (New York Times January 17)

“Mr. Santos clearly understood that no matter the character you are playing, what you wear tells the story.” A lesson for theater artists and con men alike.

QUIZ: How well do you know New York’s most controversial congressman, George Santos? (Gothamist, January 20)

Here’s Every Single Lie Told by George Santos (New York Magazine, January 25)

already in need of updating

How George Santos Made Baruch Volleyball Famous (New York Times, January 25)

See the evolution of lies in George Santos’s campaign biography (Washington Post, January 27)

What to know about George Santos and his campaign finance issues as questions grow (CNN, January 27)

George Santos Produced Broadway’s Ill-Fated Spider-Man Musical. At Least, He Claims He Did (Bloomberg, February 3)

“I feel like the George Santos saga is like a campaign finance law school course, all in one.”

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