Russian Troll Farm: A Workplace Comedy. Review and pics

“I think what we do is evil but I still want to do a good job at it,” says Nikolai, one of the Russian trolls trying to sway the American Presidential election in Sarah Gancher’s funny and frightening new play.
“Speak for yourself,” his colleague Steve bellows. “I think we’re saving the f— world.”
The five characters in “Russian Troll Farm” might be invented, but the innocuous-sounding Internet Research Agency where they work, in an office building in St. Petersburg, actually exists. Through fake news, incendiary memes and outrageous conspiracy theories manufactured by dummy social media posts, the Russian company tried to sow discord in the U.S. and get Trump elected in 2016. The playwright has included some of these actual Tweets verbatim in the script. That the Russians are reportedly trying to interfere again makes this play extremely timely. (Just tonight: “Feds say Russia and Iran have interfered with the presidential election“)  The play is also intelligent, well-acted, imaginatively staged online.

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Author: New York Theater

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