Women’s Rights Statue unveiled in Central Park, with audio play starring Meryl Streep et al


The Women’s Rights Pioneers Monument was unveiled this morning in Central Park, accompanied by a new audio play “Talking Statue” by Joanne Parrent, in which Viola Davis, Jane Alexander and Meryl Streep portray Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in English while America Ferrera, Rita Moreno, and Zoe Saldana perform the roles in Spanish.

A video excerpt below.
To hear the entire play (which lasts nine minutes in English and 11 minutes in Spanish) scan the QR code in the billboard (photographed below) that’s next to the statue in the park’s Literary Walk.

Designed by sculptor Meredith Bergmann under the auspices of #MonumentalWomen, an all-volunteer nonprofit group founded in 2014 to “break the bronze ceiling,” the Women’s Rights Pioneers Monument is the first statue in Central Park that depicts female historical figures. “The Park has statues of Alice in Wonderland, Mother Goose, Juliet with Romeo, witches, nymphs, and angels – but no real women…until now.”

The audio play is the latest of dozens accompanying statues in New York created by a company called, aptly, Talking Statues.

Author: New York Theater

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