Top 10 Coronavirus Song Parody Videos

You know COVID-19 song parodies are taking off when the original singer/songwriters start parodying their own songs: Neil Diamond creates new pandemic-appropriate lyrics for “Sweet Caroline”: Gloria Gaynor sings “I Will Survive” while washing her hands.
Below are parody videos that made me laugh. Some are also lovely and/or rocking, and serve in effect  as public service announcements too.

The Marsh family, parodying “One Day More” from Les Miserable

How can we play when we are parted
Our grandparents are miles away
They can’t work Skype! We’re brokenhearted

Neil Diamond parodying his own song “Sweet Caroline”
“Hands washing hands/Reaching out/ don’t touch me”


Brent McCollough, Alex Kilroy (twice), and Adrian Laird, plus a dog, parody The Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive

Well, you can tell by the way I wash my hands,
I’m Corona-free, won’t take no chance

Sara and Jordan Benis parodying Elton John’s Your Song. This is as funny for the visuals as for the new lyrics

Reordered my pantry
I closed it and then
Messed it up on purpose, so I could do it again

Chris Mann parodies The Knack’s “My Sharona”

M-m-m-m-my Corona

Mann spoofs Madonna’s “Vogue”
(Mann has four more pandemic parody videos, all worth watching.)

Zach Timson offers the Broadway Coronavirus Medley, offering new lyrics for some half dozen Broadway musicals

Maestro Ziikos spoofs Queens’ Bohemian Rhapsody, and manages to get President Trump to lip-synch!

Shirley Serban adapt Do Re Mi from Sound of Music. (an even better job at lipsynching Julie Andrews)
Once you have this in your head, you can do a million things at home to stay sane:
Sleep, eat, whinge, tweet, snooze, blog, think
Loaf, mooch, doze, smooch, binge watch drink

Mr.Bankshot parodies Pretty Ricky’s “Grind With Me”

Melanie Wilson and Zach Kessel adapt Don McLean American Pie

Bradley Skistimas, who goes by Five Times August, has created some dozen coronavirus videos, all of which are worth watching (although I wish he’d figure out how to fill the whole screen.) This is my favorite


It only takes :20 seconds to “SURVIVE!”👏💕🎶 #iWillSurviveChallenge #fyp #coronavirus #handwashing

♬ I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

My contribution. (Feel free to perform.)

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