Grand Horizons on Broadway

“I think I would like a divorce,” Jane Alexander as Nancy French says to her husband of 50 years, played by James Cromwell. “All right,” Bill replies. Blackout.
That’s all the dialogue in the first scene of Grand Horizons, which has the rhythms of an old-fashioned comedy in the remaining two hours of the play, after their two alarmed sons rush to Grand Horizons, which is the name of the sterile “independent living community” for older people where Bill and Nancy live.
In different hands, this play about old age, marriage, infidelity, sex and the possibility or impossibility of love might come off as just amusing and superficial entertainment.
But the inventive playwright Bess Wohl, making her Broadway debut, and the starry cast, turn Grand Horizons into an amusing and superficial entertainment that’s also clever, engaging and at times even thought-provoking.

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Author: New York Theater

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