Ann Harada, from Q to Poo

Ann Harada, who made her Broadway debut more than 30 years ago, is philosophical about the latest character she portrays. “Sometimes you get to play glamorous roles,” she says, “and sometimes you get to play a pile of poo.”
That’s not a metaphor. Harada is playing the Pile of Poo emoji in Emojiland, which debuted at the 2018 New York Musical Festival now running Off Broadway.

I talked to the performer  for an article in TDF Stages, “Why Ann Harada is excited about her crappy new job.” She is best known for her roles as Christmas Eve in “Avenue Q” and the not-so-evil stepsister Charlotte in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, but her comic chops and Broadway belt has bought her a long and varied career, as these photographs  and videos attest. (click on the photographs to read the sometimes extensive captions.)


As for her current role, “there is nothing wrong with being a pile of poo, Poo is necessary for people to live in the universe right? I mean it is just part of what it is to be alive….In this show, Poo is a truth teller,” she says. “Ultimately, she is not disrespected because of who she is.””

Below her performance in Bryant Park in 2013 followed by my interview with her then, in which she reveals the part she would really like to play.

Author: New York Theater

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