Greater Clements Review and Pics

There’s a joke Maggie and her son Joe like to tell on their tours of the local mine in Samuel D. Hunter’s latest play: “Guy falls down into the mine. His boss yells at him, ‘did you break anything?’ Guy shouts back, “only rocks down here, sir, not much to break.”

But as Greater Clements makes movingly clear,  even when there’s nothing left, there’s always enough to break.

On the surface, the play is about Maggie (Judith Ivey) and Joe (Edmund Donovan), and the town they live in…[there are] deeper veins the playwright is trying to mine beneath the surface…..It’s surely no accident that even Maggie and Joe’s family name enforces their sense of isolation, and of doom – Bunker. The play is rich with such symbolism…there’s so much here that works for me —  above all, the terrific, nuanced performances, especially by Judith Ivey and Edmund Donovan. But it’s also the artful way the backstory unfolds, and the credible everyday dialogue that resonates.

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