Fosse Verdon Finale: Yes that was Lin-Manuel

Yeah that was Lin-Manuel Miranda as Bob Fosse, at the end of “Fosse Verdon,” sort of.
In the finale of the eight-episode series on FX, Bob Fosse (Sam Rockwell) is writing and directing “All That Jazz,” a 1979 movie with a lead character who is a hard-drinking, drug-taking, womanizing, razzmatazz director who has a heart attack — in other words, a barely even thinly disguised version of Fosse himself. In a few brief scenes, Miranda portrays the Roy Scheider, the actor who plays that character.
Thanks to the scenes about the making of “All That Jazz,” we circle back to the question that we had before the series even began: Why tell the same story that Bob Fosse told about himself?
The short answer is: the dual focus on Gwen Verdon.

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