Fosse Verdon Episode 6: Brandon Uranowitz as Dustin Hoffman as Lenny Bruce and Bianca Marroquín as Chita Rivera as Velma Kelly

In episode 6 of the FX TV series “Fosse Verdon,” which will air on Tuesday May 14th, Bob Fosse (Sam Rockwell) splits his time between editing the movie he’s directing, “Lenny” about Lenny Bruce, starring Dustin Hoffman (portrayed by Brandon Uranowitz, current Tony nominee for Burn This) and beginning rehearsals for the Broadway musical Fosse is  directing, “Chicago” starring Gwen Verdon (Michelle Williams) as Roxie Hart and Chita Rivera as Velma Kelly (portrayed by Bianca Marroquin, who has herself performed numerous times on “Chicago” on Broadway, but as Roxie Hart.) The mounting pressure proves too much to bear. Written by Ike Holter; Directed by Minkie Spiro.


Holter’s teleplay is inspired. First Uranowitz is portraying Dustin Hoffman as Lenny Bruce in black-and-white clips Fosse is editing for his movie “Lenny.”. Then Fosse imagines himself (also in black-and-white) spouting Lenny’s cynical lines, while talking about his own life.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda, one of the executive producers of the series, watched the episode with Laura BEnanti and Jonathan GRoff, and afterwards they sang from “Chicago”

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