Poll: Worst Broadway Show 2017

Welcome to my sixth annual Worst Broadway Show poll. Pick the show you thought was the worst to open on Broadway in 2017.

I chose these ten nominees; this is my Bottom 10 list this year (a counterbalance to my Top 10 list.) If you disagree with my choices, you can express this by 1. not voting for a show on the list that you liked; 2. adding your choice for worst in the “Other” slot if it’s not one of the ten below (Remember: Only Broadway shows); 3. Making a comment in the comments section beneath the poll.
Judge the quality of the show as you see it, not whether it did well at the box office.
The ten choices below are arranged alphabetically. (Only shows that opened on Broadway in 2017 qualify.)

Below are links to my reviews of these shows, which make clear why I did not like them:

(Note: I could only nominate shows I saw. I have not seen Home for the Holidays, an example not picked at random: As of this writing, there are four write-in votes for Home for the Holidays.)

Update: There are five write-in votes for War Paint.




Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Glass Menagerie directed by Sam Gold

Meteor Shower

Prince of Broadway

Time and the Conways

The Play That Goes Wrong

The Present

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