Oh Hello on Broadway: Review, Pics

I was surprised at how little I laughed during Oh, Hello on Broadway, a comedy act by Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, who have been called “two of the hottest voices in comedy.” They portray Gil Faizon, a “Tony Award viewing” actor, and George St. Geegland, a failed novelist, who have been roommates for 40 years.

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What’s on stage at the Lyceum is not quite a real play with a plot, but also not quite a series of comedy sketches. It’s reminiscent of Wayne’s World, but without the narrative consistency, and The Pee-Wee Herman Show but without the colorfully inventive design… It’s 100 anarchic minutes of shtick and weirdness and throwaway notions and one-liners and scenes that mock the idea of scenes — the characters read aloud the stage directions, and make fun of such theatrical conventions as the one-sided telephone conversation. About halfway through, they offer a live episode of their Too Much Tuna parody prank show, in which an oversized tuna salad is delivered from above to a celebrity guest they’ve just interviewed.

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