Poll: The Worst Broadway Show of 2015

Welcome to my fourth annual Worst Broadway Show poll. I chose the ten nominees. If you disagree with my choices, you can express this by 1. not voting for a show on the list that you liked; 2. adding your choice for worst in the “Other” list if it’s not one of the ten below; 3. Making a comment after taking the poll.
Judge the quality of the show as you see it, not whether it did well at the box office.
The ten choices below are arranged alphabetically. (Only shows that opened in 2015 qualify.)

Author: New York Theater

Jonathan Mandell is a 3rd generation NYC journalist, who sees shows, reads plays, writes reviews and sometimes talks with people.

2 thoughts on “Poll: The Worst Broadway Show of 2015

  1. I agree with you about most of your choices, but strongly DISAGREE with the inclusion of Finding Neverland. There is much good there, specially with the original cast. It’s not stellar, but it will make audiences happy and bring them to Broadway. That’s admirable in itself. I’d put Allegiance in it’s place. OMG those lyrics!

    1. We are each of course entitled to our opinion. One way to assess a show is its subject matter: There is no more important and (alas) relevant subject on Broadway than the one treated in Allegiance — the story of the U.S. internment of Japanese-Americans is rarely discussed, much less presented on a New York stage — while Finding Neverland gives us just the latest in an endless series of takes on the Peter Pan story.

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