Old Times by Pinter with Clive Owen – Review and Pics

Old Times, starring Clive Owen in his Broadway debut and directed by Douglas Hodge, is opening tonight at American Airlines Theater.

Given both his acting talent and his love of Pinter, director Douglas Hodge surely deserves some credit for the sophisticated and seductive performances by the three members of the cast: Clive Owen is smooth and amused as Deely; Kelly Reilly (also making her Broadway debut) is earthy and opaque as his wife Kate; Eve Best (best-known in the U.S. for her role as the British doctor and best friend in Nurse Jackie) is sexy and energetic as Anna, Kate’s long-ago friend. They have mastered Pinter’s tricky rhythms

But there’s no getting around Pinter’s deliberately cryptic text, and several of Hodge’s choices, rather than working to ground the goings-on in some recognizable reality and thus orient the audience, instead seem to revel in the play’s weirdness.

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