Larry David’s Fish in the Dark: Video Preview

FishDark2In the dark about Fish in the Dark, Larry David’s new Broadway comedy about two brothers struggling to deal with the death of their father, which opens on March 5th at the Cort Theater. Here is a 28-second video montage that is not very illuminating.

The video leaves out some of the essential questions that the play reportedly deals with: Should you pre-wash dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, should you bring a date to a hospital visit, should you tip a doctor?

As I say in my preview guide to March openings,  this comedy about a death in the family marks not just the Broadway debut of Larry David as both performer and writer, but also the first time he’s appeared on a stage since the eighth grade.

He performs in an 18-member cast that includes such luminaries of stage and screen as Rita Wilson, Rosie Perez, Jayne Houdyshell, and Ben Shenkman, and such hot newcomers as Jake Cannavale and Jonny Orsini.

“I never gave Broadway a thought, growing up—I didn’t really have ambitions. My parents wanted me to be a mailman.,” Larry David told The New Yorker, in a recent brief article about the co-creator of Seinfeld, and the creator and star of  Curb Your Enthusiasm, as he visited his childhood neighborhood of Sheepshead Bay.

In The Guardian, David explains how he came to star in the show. “I didn’t write it to be in it. I didn’t volunteer for it! Unfortunately, the main character sounded way too much like me for [producer] Scott Rudin to ignore. So that’s where I made my mistake.”

Author: New York Theater

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