What To See, Spring 2015. Closing: The Last Ship, Disgraced, Cabaret. Week of New York Theater


This week, six shows closed on Broadway and three more announced they would be closing, in the theater’s brutal version of ringing out the old.

But it was also a week to ring in the new. I put together four preview guides for the new year:

BroadwaySpring2015Broadway Spring 2015 Preview

Off-Broadway Spring 2015 Preview

Winter Theater Festivals 2015

January 2015 Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Off-Off Broadway Openings

(Each month I put together a guide to the shows that are opening, as a way of including independent theater)

Here’s a poll of Broadway shows you’re most looking forward to in Spring, 2015.

The Week in New York Theater
December 29, 2014 – January 5, 2015

Monday, December 29, 2014


Tony Kushner tells Out Magazine he’s working on 1. musical with Jeanine Tesori about the death of Eugene O’Neill. 2. a play for Broadway. “I’m working on an adaptation of a big, sort of famous German-language play, but I can’t say which one. And it may be for a big star, but I can’t say whom. It’s for Broadway, and I recently finished the first draft.”


New Year’s Eve in NYC: Last Minute Plans


Can Alzheimer’s be treated with the arts? Researchers aim to determine the answer.


Best-read 2014 reviews and essays in NewYorkTheater.me

“Theater is life, film is art, and television is furniture” aphorism seen on T-shirts starting in 1993. Is it true?

Pippin Parker: Film is our dreams, television is our lives, theater is our ghosts.

How about: “How about: Theater is $100, film is $15, TV is free (except cable.)

December 30

Dec 2014 Quiz

New York Theater December 2014 Quiz

2014 Kennedy Center Honors Gala Dinner

Four of five Kennedy Center honorees this year are Broadway veterans: singer Al Green, actor and filmmaker Tom Hanks, singer-songwriter Sting, and comedienne Lily Tomlin. (Outlier: ballerina Patricia McBride)

 December 31


RIP Edward Herrmann, veteran and movies, television and six Broadway productions, 71.

Resistance from local community to grandson’s proposal for an Oscar Hammerstein Museum and Theater in his former house near Philadelphia.

Magical Stage Moments in 2014

Magical moments on stage 2014

Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
Whispering ‘it will be happier’…
~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Metropolitan Room Cabaret

60-Hour Record-Breaking Cabaret Show at Metropolitan Room

For “services to drama,” the Queen of England has knighted John Hurt, Damed Joan Collins and Kirstin Scott Thomas, and given James Corden OBE. “I feel very lucky to be born in a country where creativity is both encouraged and valued,” Corden  said. He means UK.

To be fair,we have Presidential Medal of Freedom (Sondheim and Streep among 2014 winners), and Kennedy Center honors (see above)

Friday, January 2

Theaters are making their lobbies smartly interactive, including Signature Theater

Saturday, January 3

“I’m going to LA and… have a meeting with my peoples an I’m going to tell them let’s get me on Broadway.”~Snooki

Can a prison theater workshop prepare men for a life of freedom?


Cinderella ends

Sunday, January 4


Disgraced to close March 1

Closing today: Once (opened on March 12, 2012), Pippin (Opened April 25, 2013), This is Our Youth (September 11, a limited run), The Real Thing (October 20, a limited run) and Side Show (Opened November 17, 2014), The Illusionists (December 4, a holiday run)

Here Lies Love closes Off-Broadway.

Seven years after opening on Bway, 4fouryears after closing at New World Stages,The 39 Steps will revive at Union Square Theater in April.

 “Never have writers moved between television and the stage so fluidly,”


“Despite some amusing bits and clever songs,it’s only occasionally as much fun as it ought to be”  review of Galavant on ABC, with songs by Alan Menken.

Monday, January 5

Cabaret Willkommen

Come to the Cabaret — until March 29th. That’s when it will close.


Despite noble efforts by Sting, The Last Ship is closing on January 24.


Andrew Lloyd Webbers says Cats will be back on Broadway, he hopes with Nicole Scherzinger, who is currently playing Grizabella in the London production.

Does the (possible) imminent return of Cats make you full of glee or ready to flee?

Self-censorship by writers in democracies almost = those in authoritarian regimes – PEN report. report.

The last two weeks were the highest attended and highest grossing on Broadway “in recorded history,” says The Broadway League.

“According to the Broadway League, 2014 was the best attended and highest grossing calendar year on Broadway”

I believe the highest-grossing – tickets cost more

But highest attending?

In 1928, according to several texts, 20 million people attended Broadway shows. In 2014, according to the Broadway League, it was 13 million.

Terry Teachout:  Box-office grosses not corrected for inflation are meaningless.

New York City Department of Cultural Affairs to measure diversity in museums and performing arts organizations

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