Shia in Handcuffs. RIP Eli Wallach, Mary Rodgers. Lin-Manuel=Meryl. Week in New York Theater

Worrying enhances creativity, some new studies suggest, which is surely a cause for celebration in the back stages, posh offices, warren holes, wait stations and (at least in one case) police holding cells where actors, playwrights, producers and other theater people congregate.

The Week in New York Theater



Newsies is closing on Broadway on August 24, after 1005 performances. National tour begins in October.

Mothers and SonsJohn Golden Theatre

Closing today: Mothers and Sons

Adult actor playing a child is too often a dance of cuteness cliches, writes Tim Etchells of Forced Entertainment.



Update on Into The Woods changes: Sondheim released a statement that no he wasn’t censored and Into the Woods won’t have ALL those changes.

Here Lies Love 6

She had to wear a blond wig in Annie, but now Ruthie Ann Miles stars in Here Lies Love – one of many Asian actors getting jobs. Planned “The King and I” and “Miss Saigon” Broadway revivals are not the only source of a “bonanza” for Asian actors.


Daniel Radcliffe preparing for a role:”I know the song I want to play if I want to get angry… I create a playlist for every part.”

Refreshing Q&A with “The Kilroys,” pushing to get more work by women playwrights on stage.  Joy Meads: Theater’s gender disparity not due to “shadowy smoke-filled rooms full of avowed misogynists.”The bias is systemic

Drama schools do NOT teach actors how to memorize lines. Actors learn tricks on their own. (eg walking helps)

Cease and desist letters: Using the law to enforce your artistic vision.



Richard Greenberg collaborates for 11th time with Manhattan Theater Club in “The Swing of the Sea” a play about a dead father, his two sons and a lover.  Opens May, 2015.

Annaleigh Ashford
Annaleigh Ashford

Rose Byrne (Bridesmaids) and Annaleigh Ashford (Kinky Boots,Masters of Sex) join James Earl Jones and Kristine Nielsen in You Can’t Take It With You. Opens September 28, 2014.
Artists are increasingly taking charge of their own projects, a “radical response to a critical situation.”

Two lessons Andrew Roblyer has learned while starting This Is Water theater company: 1.You have to communicate even your struggles to your company. 2. People come first, even at expense of the project.


Lin-Manuel Miranda’s 21 Chump Street: The Musical (mini-musical anyway)



BrownandKingSharing the Tony stage, Jason Robert Brown shared his secret with Carole King: His dad was her upstairs neighbor in Brooklyn.

For the first time last year, NYC surpassed LA in number of one-hour TV pilots shot: 24 in NYC; 19 in L.A. (LAT)

When movie theaters HD-cast live theater shows, it does not decrease live theatergoing (at least not in the UK)

They brought us Lombardi, Magic/Bird, and Bronx Bombers. Now Fran Kirmser and Tony Ponturo have bought the rights to the life of boxer Joe Louis.


The New Group star-studded forthcoming season:

1. Sticks and Bones: Holly Hunter, Bill Pullman

2. Rasheeda Speaking,” Dianne Wiest,Tonya Pinkins

3. The Spoils starring Jesse Eisenberg


Mary Rodgers and her father Richard Rodgers
Mary Rodgers and her father Richard Rodgers

Mary Rodgers, daughter of Richard Rodgers; composer of Once Upon A Mattress & author of Freaky Friday, has died at age 83.


For every rocker-helmed hit on Broadway – Cyndi Lauper, Green Day,Elton – there is a flop – Phish, Paul Simon, Elton John. Now Sting steps up. More than you want to know about Sting and his Broadway-bound musical The Last Ship, now opened in Chicago

Shia LaBeouf after being released from jail this morning.
Shia LaBeouf after being released from jail this morning.

Shia LaBeouf Taken from Cabaret in Handcuffs: Social Media Unleashed



Don’t worry about worrying. Studies show worry can enhance creativity.

We fail our returning combat veterans – just like Shakespeare’s Coriolanus. Latest in Stefan Wolfert series

Critics: Should you (do you) ever review the work of a friend?

Russell Warne: Yes, because the theatre community is small here. It’s never a problem because I’m honest & professional, and they are too.

Wendy Rosenfield:  I don’t. I told my editor I can’t review my best friend’s work, & keep a distance from everyone else. It’s hard because of course they’re the ppl with whom you have the most in common, but it’s bad professional practice. I believe. I’ve also been asked to come to readings or edit scripts & I won’t if there’s a chance I’ll review them.

There are small parts AND small actors


10 crimes Hollywood committed against Broadway shows (eg casting Russell Crowe in Les Miz)


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