Romeo and Juliet Ticket Giveaway: Orlando Bloom’s Broadway Debut

RomeAndJulietposterUpdate: Lisa Vigna has won the random drawing.  

Take a look at some of the lovely replies, which I’ve put together in Most Romantic Theater

Ticket Giveaway: Win two tickets to see “Romeo and Juliet,”  Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy, in its first production on Broadway in 36 years. Directed by David Leveaux, it stars film actor Orlando Bloom, making his Broadway debut, and Condola Rashad, a Broadway veteran most recently in “The Trip to Bountiful.”

RJ3This version retains Shakespeare’s language but is set in modern times, with the Montague family white and the Capulet family black. Other performers in the play include:  Jayne Houdyshell as the Nurse,  Chuck Cooper  as Lord Capulet,Justin Guarini as Paris.

“Romeo and Juliet” begins performances at Broadway’s Richard Rodgers Theater  on August 24th and opens on September 19th, 2013.

To enter the contest, answer this question:

What was the most romantic experience you’ve had at the theater — either because of what was happening on stage or in your seats? 

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3. This contest ends Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at midnight Eastern Time, and I will make the drawing no later than noon the next day. You must respond to my direct message on Twitter within 24 hours or I will choose another winner.

You must also be in New York able to attend one of the eligible performances.

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40 thoughts on “Romeo and Juliet Ticket Giveaway: Orlando Bloom’s Broadway Debut

  1. I have been to see Phantom of the Opera twice, and I absolutely love when the Phantom and Christine sing “Past the Point of No Return”. Brings tears to my eyes as I find it to be so romantic.

  2. I think the most romantic experience I have ever had at the theatre was when I went to see Once. The love story unfolding onstage before me made me believe in love. I was moved to tears by Steve Kazee and Cristin Milioti. The show truly enforced my love of theatre. @jcookfair2

  3. It’d definitely have to be seeing the Bway revival of ‘Les Miserables’ with my bf at the time, sitting third row center (!) and holding hands, sharing the romance and beauty of one of my favorite shows with him. 🙂 Twitter: @ladystardust25

  4. @Lavesq I have to say, the most romantic theater experience I have ever had was seeing Miss Saigon with Lea Salong! I was a beautiful date. We had dinner prior to the show at Carmine’s. It was a stunning performance. A perfect night!

  5. TCMNo.1 My most romantic experience at the theatre was taking my boyfriend now my husband to see Pirates of Penzance – his first Broadway play – and his happiness of enjoying the play and of us sharing this moment together.

  6. My first date with my now wife was sitting front row mezzanine holding hands seeing the OBC of Jersey Boys. @bbwithpickles

  7. Saw Les Mis in 1989 in Los Angeles… first date with my now husband. I fell in love twice that night 🙂 @AnnabelleKline

  8. I’m going to be cheesey and say it had to do with me. I took my boyfriend to his first ever Broadway show-Once. I normally see shows with my friends, never as a date, this was my first time doing that. It’s a whole different experience, especially if you pick the right show. Holding hands the entire time and experiencing the show for the first time together was really nice 🙂

  9. At the non-Equity national tour of “West Side Story” this year, I took out a half-page ad in the program and proposed to my girlfriend. She was so surprised to find our picture and “Will you marry me?” in the program that she couldn’t answer for over a minute. For the run of the show in town everyone talked about the ad and told us how romantic of a proposal it was. That was almost four months ago, and we’re STILL getting comments about it.

    You can view the ad here:

    -Russell Warne
    Managing Editor
    Utah Theatre Bloggers Association
    Twitter: @Russwarne

  10. The most romantic experience i had at a theater was Forever Tango. The dancing was very passionate. The moves very sensual. Along with wine and a nice dinner it was a very romantic night out. Twitter name @THECINNA

  11. The most romantic experience I’ve had at the theatre was when I saw the 25th anniversary of The Phantom of the Opera. The love between The Phantom and Christine felt very real and the show is very touching. Twitter: @kyledmorales

  12. Seeing Elphaba and Fiyero sing “As Long As You’re Mine” in Wicked is the most romantic experience I’ve had at theater so far. I recently got to relive this moment by attending Broadway in Bryant Park last week, where that number was performed!
    Twitter: @eparmigiano

  13. Phantom of the Opera was the most romantic because of the love story and passionate, beautiful music. @mymusicboxes

  14. Hands-down most romantic night at the theater for me was in 1988, on my first date with my now-husband, when we saw MButterfly. 25 years later and we spend many, many ‘date nights’ in much smaller theaters watching all three of our kids who have been bitten by the theater bug! @LauriLand

  15. Honestly, the most romantic plot I’ve seen was the relationship between Joseph and the reporter in “Sons of the Prophet.” The gimmick-less, agenda-less portrayal of a gay relationship was astonishingly refreshing. (@artwinewhimsy)

  16. One of my favorite dates was going into New York City all dressed up, eating at one of the nearby restaurants on Broadway, and then heading over to see Mary Poppins. It was just such a wonderful night for us both.

  17. Hands down, The Fantasticks is the most romantic show I’ve ever seen. Watching the young lovers on that small stage always makes me cry. So romantic. @MimiJudith

  18. Well, besides being married right after a matinee, my husband and I attended Porgy and Bess on Broadway. We held hands thru Porgy I’s Your Woman, and loved the show. Afterwards we just walked around New York, talking about the show and their relationship and musical theater in general. It was lovely to connect mentally and emotionally thru this show. @sierrarein

  19. My boyfriend surprised me with tickets to “Once” on Valentine’s Day. He got up at 5am to wait in line for rush tickets to make sure we had a special evening. It was a wonderfully romantic way to spend the day.

    Twitter name: Chris61978

  20. “I can’t leave you.” “Yes, you can.” With that, (in THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA) Margaret sings “Fable”, all about Love may be a fake but if you find someone to love you LOVE IF YOU CAN as she sends her special beloved daughter off to become an adult and marry her love. Such a letting go and encouraging of love makes me weep nearly uncontrollably–I’m finding it hard to even type this! @bobster427

  21. @heytravistravis

    Probably going to see Once with a bunch of other lonely friends, I sobbed from my box seat, tears falling on the poor orchestra seated people.

  22. Wicked has the behind the scenes tour (Behind the Emerald Curtain) that they do on some weekends. When I attended they had a trivia contest or something at the end. Except it wasn’t a real contest, the contestant was pre-planned, and the last bit of the contest had him propose to his girlfriend right on the stage of the Gershwin Theater. So it was not an actual show, but maybe it should count. @movidude74

  23. Watched Peter Brooks’ The Cherry Orchard at BAM with my arms wrapped around by boyfriend at the time, a Chekhov lover like me, and with his arm wrapped around me.@megmcsweeney

  24. The most romantic experience I’ve ever had at the theatre was during “Newsies” throughout the song “Something to Believe In.” The kiss that Jack and Katherine shared was so powerful, yet also so innocent, I could even feel the positive energy from my SRO spot. It was a touching scene and it reinforced my belief that true love does exist. @brett_sanders

  25. I think Once is one of the more romantic shows I’ve seen. It’s such a great love story and the music is so fitting and heartfelt. @gubbabump

  26. @catekustanczy

    Most romantic theater experience: I was dating an actor in a production of Guys and Dolls years ago. It was a rather painful situation. I’d seen the show a few times, to be supportive, even though he was acting quite badly (it was your typically nightmarish triangle situation). He never saw me in the audience, much less knew I was there. But one night, as he was singing “I’ve Never Been In Love Before”, a number he normally swept through with fully romanto-dramatic bravura, he happened to spot me… tears filled his eyes. It was very moving. The bravura was gone. It was just this poor lost man, feeling scary things -& in public at that (hello, acting!). I got a text post-show, &… it was a very intense few months of bliss after that. It didn’t last, but it’s still a favorite romantic/theater memory.

  27. My most romantic Theater experience was many years ago. A group of us from work went to see the original production of Pippin (1972 or 1973). One of my co workers that I knew had a crush on me, reached for my hand and held it for the whole show. That was just the beginning. It was a little like Romeo and Juliet. My father didn’t like him his mom didn’t like me. We have been married for 35 years. We had two sons and are now grandparents And our parents said it wouldn’t last 🙂

  28. Probably seeing Jude Law’s *Hamlet* with my partner. We love attending the theater as often as we can, but there was just something so special about that night’s performance, and we had such a wonderful time. @adkshakes

  29. In the Ephron sisters’ Love, Loss, and What I Wore, the unexpected moment when the two brides, each having a monologue about finding their wedding dress, turn out to be getting married to each other. @underwoodwrites

  30. My romantic experience hit me this past season. My girlfriend and I went to see The Trip to Bountiful and the entire time I was sitting there feeling the lost love on stage while sharing the newfound love with the woman I have always wanted.

  31. Recently, a friend played the title role in “Aida.” My boyfriend, (who is white; I am black), and I were moved beyond belief. It was an amazing reminder that love can triumph no matter your situation. To watch Radames & Aida’s journey being played out in front of our eyes solidified that what we have is right, no matter our skin color. @StarleishaG

  32. @Jerebles: I was already falling for this guy when I took him to see a production of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. Afterward, I didn’t want to go home, and low and behold, his truck broke down, so we ended up chatting for hours. That was the start of a 3 1/2 year long relationship.

  33. The most romantic thing I’ve seen in a theatre had to be the proposal on the stage at Priscilla Queen of the Desert, shortly after NYS approved marriage equality. There was not a dry eye in the house! @hollisst

  34. Watching the ending of the producers when leo comes back for bialystock and they sing their “love song” (til him) together. That was beautiful.


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