Breakfast With Mugabe Ticket Giveaway Contest

BreakfastwithMugabelogoTicket Giveaway:  With Zimbabwe’s 89-year-old dictator Robert Mugabe last week extending his 33-year rule for five more years, there is no better time to see the “riveting” (Times of London) play “Breakfast With Mugabe,” Fraser Grace’s award-winning thriller, originally produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company. The play is inspired by newspaper accounts that Mugabe, severely depressed, and convinced he was haunted by the ghost of a slain rival, sought treatment from a white psychiatrist.

“The subjects of Zimbabwe and Mugabe are rich with dramatic potential and this script does service to both.”-Oskar Eustis, artistic director of the Public Theater

“Imagine a modern-day Macbeth, haunted by the ghost of Banquo, attempting to sort out his blood-stained fears with the help of a therapist. The resulting drama might be something like “Breakfast With Mugabe,” a compact, troubling thriller”-New York Times review of a 2010 production at the Centenary Stage Company in New Jersey with the same cast.

“Breakfast With Mugabe” will be presented at The Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theater at The Pershing Square Signature Center (480 West 42nd Street) through October 6 (in repertory with a play called “Final Analysis.)

To enter the contest, answer one of the following questions:

What is your favorite play or musical about a political figure? Why?
What current or historical political figure would make a great stage show? Why?

Teampic31. Please put your answer in the comments at the bottom of this blog post, because the winner will be chosen through based on the order of your reply, not its content.

But you must answer one of the questions, complete with an explanation of your choice, or your entry will not be approved for submission.

2. Please include in your answer your Twitter name and follow my Twitter feed at @NewYorkTheater so that I can send you a direct message. (If you don’t have a Twitter name, create one. It’s free.)

3. This contest ends Monday, August 12, 2013 at midnight Eastern Time, and I will make the drawing no later than noon the next day. You must respond to my direct message on Twitter within 24 hours or I will choose another winner.

the real Robert Mugabe
the real Robert Mugabe

You must also be able to attend one of the eligible performances. The voucher is good for two tickets for performances until August 31st, 2013 (which means a total of only 11 performances are available.)

(Since I’m choosing by the order in which you submit, please do not write me more than once.  Make sure you have all the requirements — such as your Twitter name — before submitting. All submissions have to be approved, so you won’t necessarily see your entry right away. Please be patient.)

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Jonathan Mandell is a 3rd generation NYC journalist, who sees shows, reads plays, writes reviews and sometimes talks with people.

6 thoughts on “Breakfast With Mugabe Ticket Giveaway Contest

  1. TCHNo1 My favorite political play is Ann. This is because it is about a woman who was married with children and entered politics and won enough votes with her political views and personality to become Governor of Texas. I think the Clintons – Hillary and Bill would make a good play. So much material between Monica Lewinsky and the bills he passed and then Hillary coming into her own in poliitics . It would be very interesting.

  2. A stage show about Sarah palin would be hilarious! It could be a comedy and they could make songs out of some of her famous sayings! @kyledmorales

  3. I think there should be a musical (with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim) about Russian president Vladmir Putin. Because he’s a modern-day Stalin, I see the musical being a cross between “Evita” and “Sweeney Todd” except instead of a barber’s razor as the murder weapon of choice, poison, supposedly Putin’s favorite, would be used instead. David Hyde Pierce attempting a Russian accent would play Putin and Patti LuPone as his neglected, long-suffering wife. I see a rave review by Ben Brantley and a slew of Tony nods. What do you think? @irisdorbian

  4. I think a play about Thomas Jefferson would be interesting because of his role in our countries history as well as the insight into his personal life. I think it would be interesting to juxtapose the two of them,


  5. I’d love to see a musical about Bill Clinton! There should be a duet by Hillary and Monica. I think that would be hilarious! A love triangle inside the “belt”way! lol

  6. Churchill has to be the most fascinating political figure of the 20th century, arguably a key one for standing up to Hitler virtually alone at the start. A play that finds him in his “war room” dealing with the blitzkrieg and trying desperately to get the US to enter the war and waitng for Roosevelt would be riveting.

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