Bring It On at Broadway in Bryant Park

Bring It On the Musical with Ryann Redmond as Bridget and Nicolas Womack as Twig, a comic couple
Bring It On The Musical. Bridget and Twig

Bring It On is not just about cheerleading acrobatics, as the last summer concert of Broadway in Bryant Park 2012 made clear.

Here are 40 seconds of Nicolas Womack as Twig rapping in the middle of the song “It’s Happening”:


In case, you couldn’t get all that:

“Cheerleading, you say?

Okay, so women who wouldn’t give me the time of day are startin’ this squad and they want me to play? And if i play, i’ll be famous? Gimme a hard one. These are no brainers!

I don’t know what these other brothers are thinkin’ they must’a been drinkin’ get it and let it sink in! What are y’all, scared?

Ya think cheerin’ is feminine? Then i’m a feminist swimmin’-in-women gentleman! Consider it, it’s a little different isn’t it? Your thinking is limited give it a minute envision it — dead in the middle of seventy women on television, every little bit of precision is magnificent!”

Here are Ariana DeBose, Ryann Redmond and Gregory Haney singing “It Ain’t No Thing”

What’s happening in the song: La Cienaga and Nautica are telling Bridget that it’s ok that she’s not thin.

Sample lyrics:

La Cienega:

Oh whoa, some kids used to tease me

And put me through hell — some people are mean

La Cienega and Nautica

But most people mean well.

It’s just their thinkin’ — is stinkin’

La Cienega:

and a little outdated,

Or maybe they’re merely unedumecated! Got pretty eyes but thunder thighs — it ain’t no thing, yeah! I’m daddy’s little big surprise! It ain’t no thing, yeah!

Love who you are and the world will adore you — and the couple that don’t at least they can’t ignore you!


I’ve got a big butt (work!) — well, so what? (work!) It’s good as any other (woo, woo, woo!) And i think of you as sisters from another mother! Yeah i got some junk up in my trunk! (back it on up!) It ain’t no thing, yeah!

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