Slings and Arrows Star Paul Gross: Yes I would do it

Paul Gross, star of Slings and Arrows
Paul Gross, star of cult hit Slings and Arrows, said, yes, he would love to do it again

In what can only be called a follow-up to my scoop that the creators of “Slings and Arrows” want to create a fourth season, the National Post of Canada quotes Slings star Paul Gross “Nobody’s talked to me about it but I’m pretty sure if they came back and said do you want to do another one everyone would say yeah…It was an enormous amount of fun to do.”

In some ways, Slings & Arrows, never stopped. Gross says:  “I get stopped all over the world by people who have seen it.” The last of its three seasons was created more than five years ago.

Gross says of Bob Martin, who started the speculation that there would be new episodes of Slings and Arrows: “I saw him in New York when I was doing a show on Broadway over Christmas and we went out after and I was saying to him: ’You should just do another one.’”

The National Post again quotes my Twitter exchange with Bob Martin, because he’s been silent since then. Don’t be a tease, Bob!

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