Peter and Wendy by Mabou Mines

Peter and Wendy by Mabou Mines, 1996
“The Mabou Mines production of Peter and Wendy was commissioned by the spolette Festival, USA and was presented a few months later at the 1996 Henson festival. A poignant interpretation of J.M Barrie’s classic novel, it was directed by Lee Breuer, adapted by Liza Lorwin, with puppets by Julie Archer. This tale of lost childhood was told in an all-white set, which made audiences feel as if they were enjoying the whole tale in the Darling children’s bedroom, as the Darling children never had to leave their bedroom to experience the wonders of Neverland. This effect was particularly striking in the Public Theater’s all-white LuEsther Hall.
Here we see the battle between Captain Hook and Peter Pan, as Peter is being made to walk the plank. As you see, the plank was actually an ironing board. Hook was performed by lead puppeteer Jane Catherine Shaw, and Peter was performed by lead puppeteer Basil Twist. Actress Karen Kandel narrated, and gave voice to all the characters…”

Author: New York Theater

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