Cheetah from The Lion King

Cheetah from The Lion King by Julie Taymor and Michael Curry. “A true performance arts renaissance woman, Julie Taymor began her performance career at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club in 1980. She quickly became a staple of the city’s New York downtown scene, and then added film to her already impressive career …But perhaps Taymor’s best-known work is her design for the innovative puppets for the Broadway production of The Lion King. Taymor’s work in The Lion King continues an old tradition of puppets on Broadway. From Remo Bufano’s Alice in Wonderland in the 1930s to the stage adaptation of Little Shop of Horrors to such recent productions as King Kong and Frozen, puppets have made the impossible possible on the stage.”

Author: New York Theater

Jonathan Mandell is a 3rd generation NYC journalist, who sees shows, reads plays, writes reviews and sometimes talks with people.

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