Taylor Mac’s Holiday Sauce Pandemic! Review and Pics

What kind of weird holiday show is this?  That was my initial reaction…“Taylor Mac’s Holiday Sauce Pandemic!” begins with the star looking like a tropical fruit monster, or as Mac had  told costume designer Machine Dazzle and make-up artist Anastasia Durasova, “make it look like a public-access show on LSD.”

And a public access show is, frankly, what it sounds like initially, with Mac just sitting there, prattling on for more than ten minutes…It was only well into it that I understood something essential about the 70-minute video, and warmed to it….

In its use of snark and camp and raunch and bleak reality, in an apparent campaign to deny the false cheer of the holidays,  it is also insisting that the holidays belong to everybody.  Doesn’t that sound like holiday spirit?


Full review at DC Theatre Scene 

Author: New York Theater

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