Watch Incidental Moments of the Day and Read My Review: The Apples Finally Talk About Race

Things are looking up for the Apple family, but not for me, as the characters talk to one another on a Zoom call yet again. Richard Nelson’s third play in four months about the same set of characters is both the least engaging and the most problematic…

I thought the approach worked exceedingly well in the first play, in April, What Do We Need To Talk About? And less well in July, with And So We Come Forth. I criticized that second play for largely neglecting the racial reckoning that was one of the two big issues in the news a month after the killing of George Floyd by a police officer.

To my surprise, the issue of race relations does get a more direct airing in Incidental Moments of the Day, but framed in an unexpected way….

Full review on DC Theatre Scene

“Incidental Moments of the Day” will remain available until November 5, 2020

Author: New York Theater

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