Poll: Which Play Used Zoom Best?

Theatergoers have complained about Zoom plays in the months since the pandemic shut down physical theaters, but it’s one of the only ways to “attend” live theater these days, and some productions have been praised for their innovative use of the imperfect platform.
Choose which you liked most below. (And explain why, if you want, in the Comments section below.) I will post the results once enough people have responded. Update: I talk about general poll results in my new post Not Doomed to Zoom.
For my take on these Zoom plays, since the links to my reviews below.

My reviews

Buyer & Cellar

The Few

Hheroes of the Fourth Turning

The Line

Lips Together, Teeth Apart

Love Letters

Mad Forest

My H8 Letter to the Gr8 American Theater

Significant Other

What Do We Need To Talk About?


Proof that Zoom is not generally well-liked as a platform for plays. (Zoom was the least-picked choice)

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