In Memoriam: NYC Healthcare Workers Who Have Died from COVID-19

Dozens of New York City healthcare workers have died because of COVID-19 as of Memorial Day, 2020. Here is  who they are.

Vivian Segerman

Years ago, my aunt, Vivian Segerman, who was a nurse, died at the age of 43 from a disease she contracted from one of her patients in a New York City hospital, leaving my teenage cousin Bruce on his own.

“I can’t stay home … I’m a healthcare worker,” Freda Ocran wrote on her profile picture on Facebook on March 20th. She died eight days later.

Ashraf Abdo, 60, General Practitioner

Romy Agtarap, 61, Registered Nurse, Emergency Medicine, New York-Presbyterian Columbia

Nerissa Armesto, 64, Nephrology, Renal Dietician Hemodialysis, Rogosin Institute NFB Brooklyn East,

Yaw Asante, nurse, Lincoln Hospital

Madhvi Aya, 61, Physician Assistant, Emergency Medicine, Woodhull Medical Center

Nicanor Baltazar, 60, Registered Nurse, Flushing

Alex Bass, 53, Physician Assistant, Brooklyn, New York

Doug Bass, 64,  Medical Director, Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Theresa E. Berbano, 59, ED Nurse, Montefiore Health, Bronx

Idris Bey, 60, Emergency Medical Technician Instructor Coordinator, FDNY

Mark Leighton Bowen, 54, Registered Nurse, Highland Care Nursing Home, Queens

Derik Braswell, 57, Hospital Staff, Elmhurst Medical Center

Lorna Breen, 49, Emergency Department Medical Director, NewYork-Presbyterian Allen Hospital, (suicide)

Joyce Brown, Registered Nurse and Nurse Manager, LIJ Forest Hills, Forest Hills

Maria Guia Cabillon, Registered Nurse, Kings County Hospital Center, Brooklyn

Rafael Cargill, 60, Hospital Staff, Medical Records, Brooklyn Hospital Center, Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Priscilla Carrow, 65, Hospital Staff, Elmhurst Medical Center

Paul Cary, 66, Paramedic (volunteer), Ambulnz

Ricardo Castaneda, 64,  Psychiatrist

Charlie Chin Song Chen,  Family Medicine/General Practitioner, Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center

Reza Chowdhury, 58, Internist and Infectious Diseases Physician,  Westchester Medical Healthcare, Bronx

Rosemary Coutou-Figaro, 52, Nurse, Kingsbrook Jewish Hospital, Brooklyn

Ydelfonso Decoo, family physician

Wayne Edwards, 61, Hospital Staff, Elmhurst Hospital Center

Maria Grace Esteves-Laureta, 59, Critical Care Nurse, Saint Barnabas Hospital, Bronx

Louis Edouard Fontaine, Doctor, Brooklyn

Frank Gabrin, 60, Emergency Medicine Physician

Jay Galst, 69, ophthamologist

James T. Goodrich, 73, Neurosurgeon, Director of the Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Montefiore Health System, Professor of Clinical Neurological Surgery, Pediatrics, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Sam Green, 57, Radiology, X-ray Technician, Mount Sinai Morningside

Greg Hodge, 59, Emergency Medical Technician

Mitchell Horowitz, Physician, Radiologist, Mount Sinai Beth Israel

Aleyamma John, 65, Registered Nurse, New York City Health + Hospitals/Queens Hospital Center

Kious Kelly, 48, ER Nurse, Mount Sinai West

Ernest Lambrento, 59, ER nurse at NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst

Theresa Lococo, 68, Pediatric Nurse,  Kings County Hospital

James Mahoney, 62, intensive care doctor at University Hospital of Brooklyn

William Mantell, pharmacist, Variety Drugs, Queens

Rabbi Yaakov Meltzer, 60, Physician Assistant, Brooklyn

Hazel P. Mijares, 66, Licensed Practical Nurse, Amsterdam Nursing Home

John Mondello, 23, Emergency Medical Technician, Tactical Response Group (suicide)

Matthew Moore, 52, Radiologic Technologist, GoHealth Urgent Care, Staten Island

Prea Nankieshore, 34, Emergency Room Unit Clerk,  LIJ Forest Hills

Freda Ocran, 50, Psychiatric Nurse, Jacobi Medical Center

Tomas Pattugalan, 70,  Internal Medicine Physician

Bredy Pierre-Louis, 74, Family Medicine/General Practitioner, Brooklyn

Livette Plan,  Registered Nurse

Mary Ellen Porter, 65, Nurse Manager, Staten Island

Nisar Quraishi, 74, Internal Medicine, Clinical Assistant Professor, NYU Langone

John Redd, 63, Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician, FDNY

Mark Respler, 66, Urologist

Petal Williams Richards, 57, Respiratory Therapist, BronxCare Hospital System

Ruben Rodriguez,  Emergency Medical Technician, Ridgewood Volunteer Ambulance Corp

Gary Sclar, 66, Neurologist, Mount Sinai Hospital of Queens

Richard Seaberry, 63, Emergency Medical Technician FDNY

Susan Sisgundo, nurse, Bellevue

Thomas Soto, 60, Radiology Clerk, Woodhull Hospital, Brooklyn

Anthony Thomas,  Paramedic, Emergency Medical Services, Brooklyn

Ronald Verrier, 59, Trauma Surgeon, St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx

James Villecco, 55, Ambulance Mechanic, FDNY

Richie Villena, 44, Physical Therapist

Thomas Ward, 60, Volunteer Firefighter

Barry Webber, 67, General Surgery, Mount Sinai Hospital, Queens

David Wolin, 74, Radiologist, Brooklyn Hospital Center

Rebecca Yee, Nurse

Mount Sinai Hospital medical staff members hold photos of their deceased colleagues during a protest demanding better protective gear in Manhattan on April 3, 2020. (Theodore Parisienne/for New York Daily News) PPE stands for personal protective equipment.

“This was the week that the coronavirus crisis pummeled the Brooklyn hospital, just as it did others throughout New York City, where the death toll reached more than 2,000, as the governor warned that vital equipment and supplies would run short in just a few days, as the mayor pleaded for more doctors and as hospital officials and political leaders alike acknowledged that the situation would get even worse.” — ‘Code Blue’: A Brooklyn I.C.U. Fights for Each Life in a Coronavirus Surge”



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