Watch the Top 10 New York Theater Videos of 2019…and the 5 Most Popular in the Decade


Below are the ten most popular videos posted in 2019 on my New York Theater Youtube channel, in order of popularity. Below that are the top five New York theater videos of the decade

Beetlejuice First look at BroadwayCon: Sophia Anne Caruso sings “Dead Mom.”
Among the almost 200 comments on this video: “A lot of people seem super worried about her voice and yes this song is super challenging but I’m sure they have some of the best vocal professionals working with her and showing her how to do this song without damaging her voice. (But yes this song is INSANE and she’s AMAZING)”

Moulin Rouge highlights

Colin Quinn’s Red State Blue State: What’s Wrong With 13 Colonies

André De Shields in Way Down Hadestown

Kiss Me Kate at BroadwayCon: Stephanie Styles sings Always True To You In My Fashion

Kung Fu Musical at The Shed: Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise rehearsal

Tootsie the Musical: Lilli Cooper sings at BroadwayCon 2019 First Look

Beetlejuice highlights

Be More Chill: The Smartphone Hour

Bat Out of Hell Previewed at Bryant Park

Five Most Popular Videos of the Decade


In the two years since I posted this video, it has had more than a million views and more than 400 comments.

The original cast of Hamilton talk three years ago about their weirdest stage door experiences. In the almost four years since I posted this, there have been more than 200 gushing comments, including from several of the people the performers talk about.

The 300 commentators on this video posted two years ago passionately debate history and cultural identity.

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