Ticket Giveaway: Feinstein’s/54 Below

Win two tickets to see the show of your choice at Feinstein’s/54 Below  for free – plus $50 in food credit!

Feinstein’s/54 Below, a cabaret that calls itself Broadway’s Supper Club, opened in June of 2012, at 254 West 54th Street, below Studio 54. It features up to three shows nightly, with no table more than 24 feet from the stage.

Check out the calendar for September and October. You’ll see that some forthcoming shows feature Jason Daniely, Kyle Dean Massey, “Andrea McArdle and Donna McKechnie Celebrate Sondheim and Hamlisch,”  “54 Sings Big Fish,”  “Dylan on Dylan, conceived and performed by Jared Weiss,” Lucie Arnaz, Betsy Wolfe, Chita Rivera, Marilyn Maye…and much more. With the voucher you win, you can ask for any show as long as you make your request at least seven business days in advance. (Some blackout dates may apply.)

I’m holding this contest to help promote 20at20, a terrific program that offers $20 tickets to 20+ Off Broadway shows, 20 minutes before showtime. This year the discount program will run for 20 days, from September 3rd to September 22nd. This year, 54 Below is part of 20at20.

To enter the contest for the free pair of tickets plus food credit, just answer one of these two questions:

Which is the best cabaret show you ever saw? Or the best of all time? Describe it and explain why it was the best.


Who would you like to see do a cabaret act? Why?


The Rules
Please put your answer in the comments at the bottom of this post, because I will choose the winner at random, using Random.org, based on the order of your reply, not its content.

But you must answer the question – with at least a couple of sentences of detail and explanation — or your entry will not be approved for submission. (For example, if you write “Joel Grey in Cabaret; I loved him,” your entry will not appear, for two reasons: 1. “Cabaret” was not a cabaret show. 2. There’s no description of the show, nor an explanation of why you think it’s the best.) I may use your answers in a roundup post: The Greatest Cabaret Shows of All Time.

This contest ends midnight Eastern time on Tuesday, September 10, 2019 , and I will make the drawing no later than noon the next day. You must respond within 12 hours to my e-mail or I will pick another winner.

The winner will be given a voucher for the two tickets and $25 per person food credit. (Some restrictions as to which performance date you can choose may apply, and all dates are “subject to availability.”)


Update: Seth Arrobas, number 30, won the random drawing for the voucher.

Author: New York Theater

Jonathan Mandell is a 3rd generation NYC journalist, who sees shows, reads plays, writes reviews and sometimes talks with people.

31 thoughts on “Ticket Giveaway: Feinstein’s/54 Below

  1. The final night of Justin Sayre’s The Meeting* (of the International Order of Sodomites). What was supposed to be a 90 minute show ended up going past midnight with an inexplicable number of musical guests celebrating the best of queer artists in the downtown scene, including Justin Vivian Bond. Also, the funniest bit at the end, when Justin “resigned” as Chairman, and Michael Urie made a guest appearance to come out and have Justin return his keys (as a gag) to him. It was a magical evening with so much laughter and tears.

  2. I got to see Betsy Wolfe and Adam Kantor at 54 Below do the Last Five Years and it was AMAZING. I loved being able to hear something new and a great take on it as well. BUT I would LOVE to see the LFY with two women!! I think it would be super cool and interesting to see Jamie as a woman and see how that change more people feel.

  3. The best cabaret show I ever saw was Laura Benanti’s show at 54 Below. The songs and patter were equally strong, it was both funny and heartfelt, and was overall a brilliantly paced show. In answer to second question, I would love to see Jessie Mueller do a cabaret show.

  4. The very first time I saw Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp in a cabaret at Feinstein’s in San Francisco many years ago. They sang the songs they’re famous for and many other surprising songs that just tugged at the heartstrings. But ultimately getting to see Anthony Rapp dedicate “Without You” to his mother was a moment I’ll never forget. Not a dry eye in the room.

  5. I would most like to see Brian d’Arcy James – his voice captivated me as a teen and a cabaret show would provide such depth and variety to let it shine, plus allowing a chance to see insight into his own influences. The idea of seeing him sing for a good 90 minutes or so is an ultimate dream!

  6. The best cabaret I’ve been to was seeing Jonathan Groff at Joe’s Pub in 2010. Groffsauce is just literally the most charming person on this planet. The joy and fun he has on stage just radiates Into the audience and you can’t help but smile as big as he does. I have been waiting for another to happen since then. The little funny stories intermixed with his beautiful vocals is more than anyone could ever want. It was a special night mixed with traditional theater songs and pop songs and I still to this day pull up the videos to listen to, especially “A Case of You.” The emotion he can show through his eyes, face and voice is brilliant. There is another cabaret he did in Indiana that I saw on YouTube that is amazing with even more songs and charming stories. I’d just love to see him do another in person, maybe next time at 54Below…we can only hope!

  7. I had the pleasure of seeing “This Will Be Our Year” with Jeremy Jordan, Andy Mientus, and Krysta Rodriguez. All three were in SMASH together and this cabaret performed at 54 Below had them perform various songs that did not make it into the television show. They even performed songs from the fake musical “Hit List,” with a twist, they performed one another’s songs. “This Will Be Our Year” featured the chemistry seen on TV in a live setting and you could tell all three loved their time on SMASH, despite its short run. A standout performance to me is their “Hit List Medley.” I still find myself looking up performances from this show years after the fact. This show being my favorite is biased as I was a huge fan of SMASH. Seeing 3 SMASH kids sing their heart out was a dream come true.

  8. I’ve been lucky enough to see several fantastic cabaret performances, but one performer who I would love to see embark on a solo performance is Adam Chanler-Berat. Though I’ve seen him make appearances as a special guest, as well as his duo show with “Next to Normal” co-star Jennifer Damiano, I think a solo cabaret would be a great chance for him and us, the audience, to revisit his many shows over the past decade. I’ve seen him in almost a dozen different roles during that time and I’m sure he has the best antidotes to include between numbers. I’ve been wanting this since his run in “Rent” back in 2011, so hopefully one day.

  9. I would love to see Norbert Leo Butz’s cabaret act. He is such a dynamic, vibrant performer, and I have loved watching him act and sing in various roles. I would love him take that energy to a set of songs that he personally chooses. I have listed to the live recording of Norbert at 54 Below and he seems like such a great cabaret performer! That would be a dream to witness in person.

  10. I’ve several of the great divas including Alice Ripley and Orfeh, but the best “act” for cabaret is THE SKIVVIES who not only bring a wealth of music & humor but also a potpourri of Guest Stars that each bring their own strengths to mix. And everyone’s mostly naked, so there’s that. MUST-SEE in any configuration, check em out!

  11. Jonathan Larsen Project was the most heartbreaking AND uplifting show I ever experienced! To hear a snippet of all we missed was awesome (in the full of awe kind of way!). The show I would most LIKE to see (and Jennifer Tepper is well aware of this!) is a GODSPELL reunion concert with the original revival cast the the kids from Godspell 2023!

  12. I would love to see Eva Noblezada in a cabaret show. I’ve seen her in Miss Saigon and in Hadestown and I just think she has all the chops for having a great cabaret performance! I could listen to her sing a phonebook!

    1. I would love to see a reunion concert with the original Broadway cast of Next to Normal. It’s been 10 years since the show opened on Broadway so a reunion concert is long overdue and 54 Below would be the perfect intimate space for it!

      I would also love to see Jessie Mueller do a solo cabaret show at 54 Below. She has such a unique voice and can sing such a wide variety of material, a cabaret show showcasing her range would be perfect!

  13. I saw Marin Mazzie at 54 Below in her solo show back in 2012. She was so funny, warm, and of course sang beautifully. Most (if not all) of the songs were songs that she grew up listening to. What a treat to hear one of the greatest voices ever sing some of the best “pop” songs ever written. An evening I’ll always remember – just the best!

  14. I have loved watching The Skivvies when I can. They bring incredible energy to their shows while also sharing their incredible talents. I also like that they attract great special guests to sing unique songs, their shows are never the same. It is definitely an evening of great entertainment, for (mostly) everyone!

  15. The best cabaret show I saw was last year at 54 Below hosted by Hailey Kilgore. I really loved the show because the guests were the talented cast members from Once On This Island and they sang songs written by one of my favorite song writing teams- Ahrens and Flaherty. It was fun to hear some songs I wasn’t familiar with in addition to hearing some of my favorites from Ragtime!

  16. The best cabaret show I’ver ever seen was Kyle Dean Massey at 54 Below. It was a perfectly curated show from the song choices to the stories he told. He gave the people what they wanted while also staying true to himself. I’ve seen a lot of cabaret shows but his was head and shoulders above the rest.

  17. I would love to see a Lin Manuel Miranda cabaret show! I think it would be incredible to sing songs from his shows, especially ones that he didn’t sing while performing in those shows as well as the songs that influenced him as a musical theater writer to demonstrate how he got to where he is now. And he’s also such a charming personality that he could just talk about anything he wanted and I’m sure the audience would be enthralled.

  18. Any of the recent Broadway Villain Parties! Always so many famous actors we know and love and so many classics. Villain songs are always the best and most fun, so a whole night of them is perfect in my opinion. I can’t stop watching Jason Michael Snow and Nick Adams singing Gaston, I didn’t even realize Jason’s voice was that high! Plus the dialogue leading up to it is hilarious!

  19. I would love to see a show called Seize The Davey, featuring the four actors who played Davey in Newsies on Broadway (Ben F, Jeremy G) and tour (Jacob K, Stephen L). Three of them have performed at 54 before but I do not believe Jacob has, and I would love to see him make his debut there

  20. My favorite cabaret shows have always been unique personalities who get to show off exactly what makes them unique in a cabaret setting. Molly Pope. Sherie Rene Scott. Natalie Walker- honestly, the evening at 54 Below Natalie Walker and Bonnie Milligan were able to put together last week was one of the most electric evening’s I’ve ever had in that space. The best cabaret experiences are the ones that happen live, in the moment, at that time, for the audience present. There’s really nothing that can replace the spontaneity and timeliness of great cabaret. Singular talent serving up exactly what they know they do best to a small room of people who are THERE for it.

  21. I got to see Ramin Karimloo a few years ago right before he released his Broadgrass CDs. I loved the small intimate setting and the new take on some Broadway classics. It was my first (and last since the website shut down) time being sent on assignment to report on the show and experience for a small broadway website. I was so proud of myself to land this side gig where I could do what I loved (see shows and performances) and share the experience with others. It was my first time seeing him perform after watching countless YouTube videos of him singing. I remember running out of the show and typing everything I could remember that happened — the smells, the sounds, and the feelings. I still have my notes! It was just a wonderful concert and evening, and I’ve been grateful for that experience ever since.

  22. Marcia Lewis’ show at Freddy’s Supper Club in early 80’s when I first arrived in NYC (from West Virginia!) to pursue my theater dreams was the best cabaret show I have ever seen…

    Maybe I think of it as the best I ever saw (having seen many since) because it was the first cabaret show I ever saw, and I was dazzled by her comic genius, astonishing singing (both lyric and then belting), and wonderful way with a story. The way she worked some of her characters into songs was a master class in the inspired fulfillment of the cabaret format’s potential…just thinking about it again all these years later brings a warm glow to my heart! 🙂

    Tommy Nichols

  23. I would love to see Tootsie (and HBO Billions) star Sarah Stiles (with Friends?) do a cabaret act! Sarah’s act would combine the best of musical theater with terrific comedy (as she demonstrated in “What’s Gonna Happen.”) She is spontaneous, sings well, and is a comedic genius. From “Kate Monster/Avenue Q”, to “Sandy/Tootsie”, to “Bonnie Barella/Billions”, I’m sure Sarah would also have many great stories to tell.

  24. My favorite cabaret show I saw at 54 Below was Sierra Boggess. I was such a beautiful and spiritual night! It was the night after Hal Price passed away and seeing as he gave Sierra her start this was an emotional show for her to get through. I did’t have any expectations and was completely blown away by her!

  25. The best cabaret show i have see was Marilyn Maye’s 90th Birthday Celebration at 54 Below in April 2018—we were there on her actual; birthday—-it was an evening that surpassed all our expectations—any opportunity to see Marilyn Maye should not be missed—a national treasure

  26. I would love to see Beanie Feldstein do a cabaret act. I think she’s so talented and funny, and I love to get a sneak preview of what we might get to hear from her in the Merrily movie. There’s a video of her singing “Meadowlark” on YouTube, and I think it shows what a great musical storyteller she is.

  27. I would absolutely love to see some of my more modern favorite performers, perform some aged/old pieces. Like to see Taylor Louderman or Issac Powell to perform something from Promises, Promises or A chorus Line would be PHENOMENAL. I am also very fond of Tituss Burgess and would love to see him perform any villian role. He has such great range in his voice and his AMAZING theatrical responses to everything are always so pleasant to see

  28. Picture it…November 2001, NYC still adjusting to the new normal. Sally Mayes, who’s voice I only knew from ‘She Loves Me’ and ‘Closer Than Ever,’ booked the much-missed Arci’s Place on 31st and Park Ave South. I was sitted right at the foot of the stage in front of her mic with a friend of mine from high school. At that time, people were still hesitant about going out and enjoying themselves. But Ms Mayes delivered the perfect cure for the fewer than a dozen people who braved that cold dark November night. Thankfully much of her set became the album ‘Boys and Girls Like You and Me.’ Though one song, ‘Water in the Viagra,’ which Left us laughing uncontrollably did not make the album cut.

  29. Shout out to Feinstein’s/54 Below! Love that place.

    I’ve been to so many wonderful cabaret-style shows and they all deserve to be mentioned, but the top two that come to mind is Ramin Karimloo and Carmen Cusack. They both have great song choices, iconic character songs, unique styles, and of course amazing voices. Additionally, Ramin Karimloo’s “Broadgrass” band is awesome and the song arrangements are excellent. Carmen Cusack is so charming and hilarious with her stage banter and I particularly love when she performs her original music.

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