The 11th Annual Jimmy Awards

At the 11th annual Jimmy Awards, Ethan Kelso won Best Performance by an Actor  as Will Bloom in Big Fish at Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Ekele Ukegbu won Best Performance by an Actress, as Aida in Aida at Elmont Memorial Junior-Senior High School in Elmont, Long Island. Each received $25,000.

“We are here  telling stories, and that’s’ so important,” Kelso said. “Telling stories is how we connect and how we get through our struggles.”

Special awards also went to Jack D’Angelo, William Dusek, Jeremy Fuentes, Michael Iskander, Mia Hall, Abby Linderman, Chloe Elmer, and Sophia Wilson.

The 2019 Spirit of the Jimmys Award was awarded to Adam Kral from Houston Christian High School in Houston, Texas. Best Dancer went to Anna Gassett from Cor Jesu Academy in St. Louis, Missouri.

Watch the 11th annual Jimmy Awards, in which 86 high school students from across America competed for top prize, honors and scholarships.

The Jimmy Awards are named for the late theater owner and producer James M. Nederlander.

Author: New York Theater

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