Gbenga Akinnagbe: From Killer in The Wire to Pimp in The Deuce to Defendant in To Kill A Mockingbird on Broadway

Gbenga Akinnagbe as Tom Robinson in To Kill A Mockingbird

Most wouldn’t see a link between stone-cold killer Chris Partlow from HBO’s The Wire, flashy pimp-turned-porn-star Larry Brown on HBO’s The Deuce and Tom Robinson, a black man falsely accused of raping a white woman in Broadway’s To Kill a Mockingbird. But Gbenga Akinnagbe, the actor who has brought all three to life, notices a strong connection.

“All of these characters are just trying to get through each day the best way they know how,” says Gbenga Akinnagbe (pronounced BENG-ga a-KEEN-na-begh), who’s making his Broadway debut in Aaron Sorkin’s stage adaptation of Harper Lee’s beloved Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.

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Below: Photographs of several of his best-known characters.



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