Ticket Giveaway: Head Over Heels

Win two tickets to see “Head Over Heels” for free.

I liked this show, which mashes up 18 songs by the 1980s all-female L.A. punk band The Go-Go’s with a loose adaptation of Arcadia, a 1580s work of literature by Philip Sidney, a contemporary of Shakespeare. A ton of talented performers energetically deliver the songs, the shtick and the story in 19 colorful and sometimes off-color scenes. “Head Over Heels” is a witty endorsement of  love and acceptance in all its contemporary forms, especially  gay/queer/gender-fluid.

To enter the contest for the tickets, just answer one of the following questions:
What recording artist or band would you most like to see providing the score for a musical on Broadway?


What work of literature would you like to see turned into a musical?

The Rules
Please put your answer in the comments at the bottom of this blog post, because I will choose the winner at random, using Random.org, based on the order of your reply, not its content.

But you must answer the question, complete with explanation and description, or your entry will not be approved for submission.

This contest ends Wednesday October 10th, 2018 at midnight Eastern Time, and I will make the drawing no later than noon the next day. You must respond within 12 hours or I will pick another winner.

The winner will be given two tickets to a performance of their choosing, subject to availability.

Author: New York Theater

Jonathan Mandell is a 3rd generation NYC journalist, who sees shows, reads plays, writes reviews and sometimes talks with people.

45 thoughts on “Ticket Giveaway: Head Over Heels

  1. I think U2 could maybe actually make a good musical, whether original or previous songs; I’m one of the few people who liked Bono & the Edge’s score for ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark’, hehe, and find their music very theatrical! 🙂

  2. I want to see “Crazy Rich Asians” by Kevin Kwan turned into a musical because it has an appealing story with drama, humor, emotion, and interesting colorful characters. And it’s about time Asians get real representation on Broadway

  3. I think Panic! At the Disco could provide a really interesting score for a musical. Their songs and performance style are already super theatrical and Brendan Urie has already starred in Kinky Boots, so maybe he can star as well!

  4. What recording artist or band would you most like to see providing the score for a musical on Broadway? Grace Slick would be ideal for a bio-musical and she was in two seminal rock bands: Jefferson Airplane and STARSHIP.

  5. I would like to see Hitchhickers Guide as a musical. I think it has a unique brand of comedy that would (if done right) adapt well to the stage. And I also believe Panic at the Disco should do the score.

  6. I’d love to see what could be done with the music of The Staves – they have such a theatrical sound to them and many of the songs have stories that could easily be built in.

  7. Matt Nathanson could have an amazing musical. His stuff is so emotional, but also has some fun ones like Kinks Shirt. The video for that one could be the whole setting for the show alone.

  8. I believe Zenobia by Morten Durr should become a musical. Zenobia was an Egyptian warrior/Queen who took no orders from anyone, she was her own boss. She went through so many things and overcame so many challenges with strategy and pride.
    The story is about a Syrian girl named Amina who is caught up in a war that reaches her village, when she escapes, she becomes overwhelmed, but she remembers her Mother telling her to think of the warrior Zenobia.
    I believe with the right representation this would be a great musical, even if you just did it on Zenobias life, it’s so fascinating and empowering to women all across the world. The representation is crucial, we need more Middle Eastern representation, right now we have one beautiful musical that represents Middle Easterners, but it would be great if we had more.

  9. I think Fingersmith by Sarah Waters would be a fascinating musical – to see the characters sing about all these twists and turns would be amazing.

  10. I would most like to see Ariana Grande provide the score for a musical on Broadway. Her theatre background + her new sound on her most recent album Sweetener would be perfect for a fun new musical on Broadway, and it would really get the kids out and make them want to see theatre.

  11. Muse has lots of instrumentals and storytelling songs and could be great for something futuristic or immersive. Muse

  12. I think Kesha could write a really amazing pop score. Ultimately she has some of the most influential hits of the late 2000’s, and she completely reshaped the pop scene. She created a place where female pop stars could be a bit messier and sing about men the way men sing about women. Her last album Rainbow is an amazing journey about survival and overcoming one’s demons. With the current climate I think she could write a really wonderful score that would resonate with people with similar experiences to hers, but also with a broader spectrum of people.

  13. I’ve always found Coldplay’s music to have a striking musical theater aspect to it, I can definitely envision a riveting storyline filled with their greatest hits, which in themselves represent such a wide spectrum of musical emotion.

  14. I love the music of the 80’s so I’d like to see a musical with the music of Boy George and Culture Club.

  15. I would love to see a My Chemical Romance musical. The Black Parade is a modern classic, and I can totally imagine seeing the album brought to life on stage.

  16. I would like to see more wholly original stuff on broadway, actually, but if I had to pick some piece of literature I think Great Expectations would be fascinating to see… it has romance, suspense, depth of character, etc…

  17. They aren’t super well known in America, but I think The Divine Comedy (Neil Hannom) has a wonderfully theatre-ready catalog of songs that would make an excellent musical. Hannon writes witty and wistful lyrics set to orchestral pop background and that combo would blow me away onstage.

  18. I’d love to see a theatrical version of the book “Mysterious Benedict Society — it’s such an original and interesting story. The cast of characters would be really interesting to watch — and all of the schemes and whatnot.

  19. “What recording artist or band would you most like to see providing the score for a musical on Broadway“?
    U2. I think they have such a body of work it would easily fill a play. If you look at the transformation and completion of the band from the unforgettable fire to the joshua tree it would be great to be seen in live form.

  20. I would love to see a musical written by Panic! At the Disco with the setting set in the 1920s. For a book perhaps a rock musical of Eliza And Her Monsters.

  21. I think it would be fun to see a musical that had a score by many different 90’s bands or artists: Silverchair, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Reel Big Fish, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Sublime, Beck, Smashmouth, Blink 182, Offspring… maybe throw in Gangster’s Paradise by Coolio, Beastie Boys, Bone Thugs & Harmony, all that 90’s stuff… eh, might be interesting. 🙂

  22. Fleetwood Mac!!! Their songs are so powerful and have such great stories behind them, I think they’d work great in musical theatre. Ingrid Michaelson’s music would also lend itself well to the stage, and she has such a breadth of work.

  23. Madonna is always pushing boundaries and reinventing herself and I think her music would work well as a jukebox musical

  24. I would love to see a modernized musical adaption of The Scarlett Letter! One of my favorite pieces of literature (and I Love Easy A).

  25. I think Paradise Lost would be a lovely musical. It’s famous, but people think it’s stodgy. I think it is actually very nuanced and surprisingly modern . It would be tough to pull off but worth it!

  26. i would LOVE a musical featuring a score by florence + the machine, i think something like that would be super exciting for young adult audiences and their music is inherently theatrical.

  27. I’d like to see the novela “The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Eréndira and Her Heartless Grandmother” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez stages as a musical. The magical surrealism of the story with the addition of musical numbers would be amazing.

  28. I would love to see Love in the Time of Cholera as a musical. It would so interesting to see the intersection of the many characters and timelines as a musical, and you could do some very interesting things with set/lighting, in terms of the different times.

  29. I would LOVE to see a Lady Gaga score for a musical. Her songs are already so theatrical, and tell really full, complete stories. Plus, think of the production design!! She is talented in a myriad of ways, and classically trained; she’d be a wonderful fit for a broadway project.

  30. I think a Spice Girls musical would be so much fun! Spice World tried but was such a mess, it would be great to get a good team to make their music into a smart, engaging musical.

  31. Madonna music would make for an interesting show, and the costumes would be incredible. I also feel like her songs would be easily adaptable to a plot line. I grew up listening to Madonna

  32. I would love to see the book Christodora by Tim Murphy turned into a musical! It’s a story about the AIDS epidemic and its aftermath, stretching across multiple generations/time periods, and could make a great piece since it’s very stylized in its narrative.

  33. I would love to see Charlotte Brönte’s “Jane Eyre” be transformed into a Broadway musical. I think that Jane’s journey throughout the novel is rather captivating, inspiring, and beautiful. Inasmuch, it is similar to Beauty and the Beast in that some of the major themes include “love defies all boundaries” and “love is blind.”

  34. I believe Lady Gaga’s music would be a wonderful addition to the broadway stage because her music is fun, relatable, and easy to get into the “beat”. Lady Gaga’s music is so flexible and can be adapted into many different, fun scenes throughout an original script.

  35. I would love to see the handmaids tale turned into a musical. Given a good score it would be compelling to see.

  36. I would love to see ‘Never Let Me Go’ by Kazuo Ishiguro as a musical. It’s such a beautiful and heartbreaking novel, it’s plot would make for an interesting show.

  37. I would love to see the novel “Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister” by Gregory Maguire adapter into a musical. Confessions gave a fresh take on the Cinderella story, one that is completely believable. It makes you think, is beauty a gift or a curse? It offers a brave, out-of-the-ordinary heroine, And that there is one more than one side to the story.

  38. I actually got a show by my favorite musician (Jimmy Buffett) but that didn’t go so well…I would like one by Garth Brooks. His songs really lend themselves to storytelling on a grand scale.

    Plus I am still waiting for Scrubs to come to Broadway as it was supposed to many moons ago!

  39. I would love to see “The Glass Castle” by Jeanette Walls turned into a musical. Though the memoir is heavy and heartbreaking, I think if it were to be done correctly – in the same vein as Come From Away, the musical could/would be absolutely brilliant. I also think that this story is harrowing enough to touch the audience, but not to a point where the audience would feel miserable while watching it play out.

  40. I think a musical about Madonna’s life using her music would be a great Broadway show. Or even if she worked on an original score she is an underrated songwriter.

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