Angels in America on Broadway: Pics and Review

“The great work begins!” Prior Walter, a character with AIDS who stays defiantly alive, proclaimed at the end of “Angels in America” when it debuted 25 years ago on Broadway. By the time Prior says it again, now portrayed by Andrew Garfield, in the first Broadway revival of Tony Kushner’s ambitious, unruly, remarkable play, we in the audience are once again inspired, and touched, and exhausted.
In the current production at the Neil Simon Theatre, which originated in London’s National Theatre, “Angels in America” remains compelling. It is very funny and moving and smart. It is also overwhelming and sprawling – more than seven hours, spread out over two parts, Millennium Approaches and Perestroika, with separate admissions — and at times inaccessibly esoteric.
In an era when AIDS is no longer a death sentence and a different Kushner is often in the news, “Angels in America” is nevertheless in some ways surprisingly timely too….

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