BroadwayCon: Anthony Rapp on Speaking Out. Actors and Activism.

“I wasn’t afraid of the risk; I don’t know why, maybe I’m stupid,” Anthony Rapp said in answer to an audience member’s question about the difficulty of going public with his accusations of sexual misconduct against Kevin Spacey.

Rapp was speaking at the third annual BroadwayCon, a theater convention that he co-founded, in a panel entitled “Actors and Activism,” along with fellow panelists Lisa Kron, Ilana Levine, Arian Moayed, Emily Skeggs, and Britton Smith.

Rapp also talked about the roots and role models for his activism — Larry Kramer and Rent composer Jonathan Larson — and the lesson of the #MeToo movement: “The narrative before was that nothing we can say will make any difference…Now we look back at it and of course you can make a difference…”

Watch six-minute video of Rapp’s remarks:


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