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The bad news hits relentlessly, from the horrific — on Halloween, New York endures the worst terrorist attack since 9/11  — to the ugly — accusations of sexual harassment hit the theater community — to the absurd — the president of the United States attacks another Broadway show. Where do we go from here? What lessons will we choose to take out of any of this? How do we turn anger, grief, hatred, or despair into something positive that goes beyond platitudes? Luckily, even in the worst of weeks, there is some good news, such as the announcements below of new shows November 2017 New York Theater Openings


Sexual Harassment in the Theater

Sherie Rene Scott on surviving harassment in the theater: Sexual harassment, abuse and bullying have been… a long-term work/life issue for me….it’s clearly incumbent on the people in charge to fix this. Given the old-school power dynamics still at work in the theater environment it’s even more important to make sure those in lesser positions physically, financially or otherwise are never blamed in any way for the abuses they endure. Brandon Victor Dixon on Sexual Harassment in the Theater: Members of the theater community call on industrywide policies on sexual harassment.

Trump As (Lying) Theater Critic


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What’s It Like Being on the Autism Spectrum: Uncommon Sense (TDF Stages) When The Playwright Has An Agenda (HowlRound)

Week in New York Theater Reviews

Oedipus El Rey Review: Brutal Murder, Sensuous Incest in El Barrio   M Butterfly Review: Clive Owen Impressively Unimpressive In Updated Odd Timely True Tale   Stuffed Review: Lisa Lampanelli Riffs on Food   Illyria Review and Pics: Scrappy Joe Papp

Pico Alexander, Sherie Rene Scott

The Portuguese Kid Review: Jason Alexander in Shanley Cheesy Comedy

The Last Match

The Last Match Review: Awkward Tennis, Appealing Love

Week in New York Theater News

Seminal gay play “The Boys in the Band” is coming to Broadway in April 2018 (its 50th anniversary) starring Andrew Rannells, Zachary Quinto, Jim Parsons, Matt Bomer Moulin Rouge will play in Boston’s Emerson Colonial Theater in summer 2018 before heading to Broadway

Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night, from BristolOldVic starring Jeremy Irons and Lesley Manville is coming to BAM May 8-27, 2018. Singer-songwriter-actress Shaina Taub has won the #FredEbbAward , an annual award of $60,000 for musical theater writing. David Yazbek’s terrific music from The Bands Visit will be a cast album from ShKBoom “later this year.” Show opens on Broadway Nov 9.

Mae West in The Constant Sinner, a play she wrote in 1931. The photograph is one of about six million items in the Shubert Archives

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