Broadway Rockers: Cher. Springsteen. Mraz. Week in New York Theater

Three performers who have collectively waited 179 years to make their Broadway debuts haven spent the time getting pretty well-known outside the Great White Way. For those unacquainted with these singer/songwriter/musicians, below are a few videos of them in performance, followed by Broadway news about each one, plus a Hamilton photo show, blockbuster blues, and new tech that makes theatergoing easier for the hearing impaired. Oh, and watch Aaron Tveit sing the national anthem in Yankee Stadium.

The Cher Show, a musical using the performer’s songs to tell her life story, is to open on Broadway in the Fall 2018 after a run in Chicago in June and July

Every Springsteen on Broadway performance is offering 26 tickets for $75 via a digital lottery run by Lucky Seat.

October New York Theater Openings


Is the blockbuster mentality hurting Broadway?

Jelani Alladin as Kristoff and Patti Murin as Anna

“How many blockbusters does Broadway have room for? It’s a critical question, and not just because the entire theater industry believes it’s got two more juggernauts — “Frozen” and “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” — on the way in the spring. Over the past 15 years, Broadway has become a business of blockbusters, and although the shift is at the heart of the Street’s surging strength, it’s had other, far-reaching consequences that underlie many of the industry’s most pressing concerns.” (i.e. ie. high prices/production costs, paucity of straight plays, higher number of flops)

Scene from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Palace Theater in London.




Aaron Tveit sings the National Anthem in Yankee Stadium

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