Indecent Doesn’t Die. Bette Sets Departure. Harry Potter Casts. Frozen Warms Up. Week in NY Theater

Indecent 1 Adina Verson and Katrina Lenk

.Indecent ends today on Broadway, after 128 performances and 15 previews, but Paula Vogel’s play was recorded Thursday for BroadwayHD streaming in January.

The play will also be seen this season at The Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis,  and The Huntington in Boston, and next season with 20 productions in cities throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as Tel Aviv.

Hamilton opened on Broadway two years ago today

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Week in NY Theater Reviews

John Lewis (Anthony Chatmon II ) being attacked by a thug (Mike Nigro)

Freedom Riders

Congressman John Lewis, on his way to see “Freedom Riders”

I ran into Congressman John Lewis, one of the heroes of the Civil Rights Movement, on my way to see “Freedom Riders,” the inspiring gospel and soul-flavored musical about the courageous efforts by black and white activists in 1961 to desegregate interstate travel in the South. Rep. Lewis was going to the same show, as it turns out, and he was also in the show – one of the characters.

Really Rosie

A musical written by Maurice Sendak, with a score by Carole King?! Why isn’t it better known?…“Really Rosie” is strictly for kids, and, while sitting through its 70 minutes, I have never felt less “young at heart” in my entire life

…Lost on stage is Sendak’s complex tone, dark and full of dread, defiantly subversive, but at the same time beautiful and somehow gentle.

Instead, we get cuteness and ….razzle dazzle.

Theater of War’s Antigone in Ferguson


The Week in NY Theater News

The cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which opens April 22, 2018 at Broadway’s Lyric Theater, wll include seven from the West End production

Left to right: Paul Thornley (Ron Weasley); Noma Dumezweni (Hermione Granger), Jamie Parker (Harry Potter),Sam Clemmett (Albus Potter), Poppy Miller (Ginny Potter), Alex Price (Draco Malfoy) and Anthony Boyle (Scorpius Malfoy).

They will be joined by David Abeles, Brian Abraham, Shirine Babb, Jess Barbagallo, Stephen Bradbury, Lauren Nicole Cipoletti, Joshua De Jesus, Jessie Fisher, Richard Gallagher, Susan Heyward, Geraldine Hughes, Edward James Hyland, Byron Jennings,Katie Kreisler, Joey LaBrasca, Andrew Long, Kathryn Meisle, Angela Reed, Dave Register,
Adeola Role, James Romney, Malika Samuel, Alanna Saunders, David St. Louis, Stuart Ward, Madeline Weinstein, Alex Weisman and Benjamin Wheelwrig

Frozen posters picked and rejected


Frozen promotion

The cast of A Clockwork Orange, which opens September 25 at New World Stages, will feature the star of the London production, Jonno Davies (far left in top row), as well as Matt Doyle, fresh from Sweeney Todd (next to Davies), plus:

Sean Patrick Higgins, Brian Lee Huynh, Timothy Sekk, (second row) Jordan Bondurant, Misha Osherovich, Jimmy Brooks, Ashley Robinson and Aleksander Varadian

A Clockwork Orange trailer


The cast of “Once on This Island,”  set to open on December 3, will feature Philip Boykin and Alysha Deslorieux


Bette Midler says her last performance of Hello Dolly will be January 14, 2018. (Will show go on?)

Stark Sands and Billy Porter will return to roles they originated in Kinky Boots, September 26 to January 7 2018

This Week’s Reads

What Broadway Can Learn From ‘The Great Comet’ Debacle

Many “are trying to isolate Comet’s debacle as either a racial or a financial issue, when it’s really both.”

….If Oak were more famous, they wouldn’t have had to replace him. If he were white, they wouldn’t have been hit with backlash.

“If Broadway is a game to be played by rich white bullies patronizing poor artists, you’d be hard-pressed to find two people better suited to win. (than producers Howard and Janet Kagan) “And yet: their show is the only new musical this season with two black actors in lead roles. It employs almost three dozen others, most of whom made their Broadway debut on its stage. It’s the opposite of a safe investment – about as far from a mutual fund as you can get.”


Shylock and Othello in the Time of Xenophobia

In his own time, William Shakespeare came across two Italian tales with two anonymous characters, a Jewish moneylender and a Moorish soldier. What they had in common was Venice, not the city of swooning and romance, but a dominant maritime republic, a commercial and military power, a bustling, multiethnic metropolis — the New York of its day. From that material, Shakespeare fashioned Shylock and Othello.

Shakespeare’s Venetian plays carry both the disease and its antibody. They sum up deep-seated stereotypes about Jews, Muslims and blacks, and simultaneously unsettle them, inviting the exploration of these cultures.

From Backdrops to Handbags to Broadway First-Timers

Stage manager Jen Kahn  makes handbags out of old show backdrops and gives some of the proceeds to the Theater Development Fund to take high school and middle students to Broadway shows.

in defense of escapism

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