New York Musical Festival NYMF 2017 Preview

A ninth century Pope, a 21st century female Buddha,  Liberace with a notorious gangster, Errol Flynn with Fidel Castro, Matthew McConaughey with the devil, a Conquistador’s daughter with a Taino, and a female inmate string band from the 1930’s are among those featured in the 20 new musicals being given full productions at the 14th annual New York Musical Festival — NYMF 2017 — which runs from July 10 to August 6, 2017. Watch songs from six of them below, plus a seventh that will be presented as a concert. The videos were recorded during performances either at rehearsals or at an outdoor concert.

Besides the 20 full productions, NYMF 2017 will offer more than a dozen concerts and “beta musicals,” and 10 “readings” — new musicals in development. Use NYMF’s search-finder to help determine which of these many shows you might like.

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A Wall Apart

A rock musical about a 30-year love story set against the backdrop of the Berlin Wall.



The Fourth Messenger

What if the Buddha were a woman, living in our times? Mama Sid is a modern-day “awakened one” with a worldwide following. But a determined young woman seeks to unearth Mama Sid’s mysterious past,


The Goree All-Girl String Band

The musical is inspired by the true story of six female convicts in 1938 Texas who taught themselves musical instruments in prison and became a radio sensation.


Matthew McConaughey vs. The Devil

A musical that asks the question “How did Matthew McConaughey win an Academy Award?” The answer involves Lesli Margherita as Mephistophiles.


Temple of the Souls

A tale of forbidden love in Puerto Rico: Amada, the beautiful daughter of a Conquistador, and Guario, a young Taíno, meet in the magical rain forest

The Cadaver Synod: A Pope Musical

A musical based on a real albeit surreal “trial of the ninth century.” In the year 897 A.D., Pope Stephen VII dug up the rotting corpse of his predecessor, Pope Formosus, and placed it on trial. The defense was represented by a sputtering teenage deacon.

Camp Wanatachi

Two girls’ journey of sexual discovery within the unlikely setting of an all-female Christian summer camp


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