Ticket Giveaway: Horton Foote’s The Traveling Lady.

Ticket Giveaway: Win two tickets to “The Traveling Lady,” a play by Horton Foote at the Cherry Lane Theater.

The play, about a woman who journeys to a small town in 1950’s Texas to reunite with her husband upon his release from prison, is, like much of Horton Foote’s dramas, both poignant and gently amusing, as I wrote in my review.

To enter the contest for a free pair of tickets to “The Traveling Lady,” please answer this question:

What is the most moving play you’ve ever seen or read, and what made it so?

1. Please put your answer in the comments at the bottom of this blog post, because the winner will be chosen through Random.org based on the order of your reply, not its content.
But you must answer the question, complete with explanation or your entry will not be approved for submission.

2.  This contest ends Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at midnight Eastern Time, and I will make the drawing no later than noon the next day. You must respond to my direct message on Twitter within 24 hours or I will choose another winner.

The winner will get a voucher for two tickets to see The Traveling Lady between June 28 and July 9, 2017.



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2 thoughts on “Ticket Giveaway: Horton Foote’s The Traveling Lady.

  1. What is the most moving play you’ve ever seen or read, and what made it so?

    When I saw DEATH OF A SALESMAN for the 1st time it was on Bdwy with Brian Dennehy as ‘Willy Loman’. I had studied the play in college, especially the character ‘Biff’, Willy’s oldest son. Father-son issues are pretty common in life so I immediately identified with the strife between Willy & Biff. At the end of the show after Linda Loman’s eulogy over the then-buried Willy, I began to cry & sob, continuing to do so thru the curtain call, and after everyone around me had left. I had never felt so connected to a play before and it is by far the strongest reaction I’ve ever had to a LIVE production of ANYTHING! Thanks for allowing me to remember this once again. #FlashbackFriday

  2. Something I just saw, Indecent. Such a powerful display of the importance of art and theatre in a time of censorship and persecution, which is so relevant today.
    And my apologies if I did multiple posts, had trouble with my connection.

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