#StellaBlizzard – Cancellations and #SnowDay Discounts

As of 2:30 pm, all Broadway shows are going on tonight as scheduled, but several Off-Broadway theaters are canceling their performances because of the blizzard theatrically named Stella. For answers to basic questions, such as what if I can’t make it? —  click on Broadway and Blizzards: Questions and Answers.

Below is information, many via Tweets from @NewYorkTheater, about cancellations and discounts.

Stella turns out to be a less….dramatic…storm than expected (at least in midtown Manhattan), and so the line is huge for the TKTS discount booth in Times Square:

and there are 22 Broadway shows on offer at a discount.


Public Theater and Joe’s Pub cancellations:

Playwrights Realm
has canceled #TheMoors today at Duke on 42nd Street.
To rebook tickets, call 646-223-3010


All TKTS discount booths will be open, including the one at Lincoln Center, which is indoors. Check out the shows that will be available for discount once TKTS opens for the day at TKTS online. 

Chicago: Save up to $50 on Chicago tonight using code CHFLY218.

Present Laugher: Use code PRLSNOW at the Box Office/online today for $45 seats!

Significant Other: Use code SOTCX110 for 40%OFF #SignificantBway, online or at the box office!

Some playwright snow poetry

Actress snow crack


About New York Theater
Jonathan Mandell is a 3rd generation NYC journalist, who sees shows, reads plays, writes reviews and sometimes talks with people.

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