Old Hats With Bill Irwin, David Shiner – Review, Pics, Video

There are two main differences between the candidate debates on TV and the one in Old Hats, in which Bill Irwin and David Shiner don too-white teeth and try to one-up each other: 1. These clowns do it wordlessly, with mallets. 2. Unlike their real-life political counterparts, that isn’t their whole act.

Old Hats is back on a New York stage, little changed from the production at the Signature in 2013, and, for that matter, steeped in traditions that were dismissed many decades ago as….old hat. But the encore production of this cleverly designed and flawlessly executed show turns out to be irresistible, an antidote for nasty times, alternative medicine for flu season, a reminder that nearly anything done well enough – even mime – can feel new and hip.

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