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I predict people will party, parry and Tweet during the 69th annual Tony Awards Sunday night, and that there will be no more viewers than last year’s average of 7.02 million, but those who watch will have fun!

Predictions are as much a part of the annual Tony Awards celebration as the opening number. I’m not sure why people aren’t just willing to wait.

Here is My Defense of Broadway

Here are who I think SHOULD win (my preferences, not my predictions.)

The Week in (Other) New York Theater Awards

2015 Drama Desk Award winners

2015 Theatre World Awards

2015 Astaire Awards: A DOUBLE tie for An American in Paris and On The Town.

The Week in New York Theater Reviews


Ah Love, Ugh,Love: My reviews of Nice Girl and The Way We Get By 

“Everybody should fall in love. It’s like voting: It’s a right we all should have,” Jo’s co-worker says to her in “Nice Girl,” a play by Melissa Ross at Labyrinth Theater that, like “The Way We Get By” by Neil LaBute at Second Stage, is about unlikely/unlucky people falling awkwardly in love.

Both plays — the first largely a drama with many funny moments; the other a comedy with some touching moments —  remind me of specific older love stories about regular Joes, at least at their start. Both have plot twists I could have done without. But the flaws in both scripts are masked by smooth direction (by two women directors), and by some lovely performances by the would-be couples — Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski in “The Way We Get By,” and Kathryn Kates and Nick Cordero (as well as the two other performers) in “Nice Girl.”


The Spoils

As a movie actor, Jesse Eisenberg is going from playing a jerk (Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network) to a supervillain (Lex Luthor in next year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.) But in The Spoils, as with his two previous Off-Broadway plays (such as the rude, self-involved pothead and young but over-the-hill novelist he played opposite Vanessa Redgrave in The Revisionist), Eisenberg is sticking with depicting a jerk.


An Act of God

Basic questions such as the origin of the universe – Big Bang Theory vs. Divine Creation –  may fiercely divide the world, but on stage at Studio 54, they are a source  of jokes by Jim Parsons as the Almighty in An Act of God,  a play whose own origin is less than cosmic: It began life as a Twitter feed.


The Week in Pre-Tony Videos

Broadway performers in Stars in the Alley:

Broadway Dancing – with extensive excerpts from the musicals Tony-nominated for best choreography On The Town, The King and I, Something Rotten, and An American in Paris.

Best Broadway Dance Shows of all time

The Week in New York Theater News

Sylvia,” A. R. Gurney’s comedy about a dog’s influence on a pair of empty nesters, is coming to Broadway

Glenne Headley will replace Rital Wilson for the final 5 1/2 weeks of Fish in the Dark, which is ending on Broadway July 18.

Roger Rees is “undergoing a treatment for a medical condition” and so is on leave from The Visit. Tom Nelis has stepped into the role of Anton Schell


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May 2015 theater quiz

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The Actors Equity change in leadership and what it means

Commencement addresses

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