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On The Town

Ticket giveaway: See On The Town on June 4th, 2015 for free.

The revival, which I love, does justice to a show that made history on Broadway — marking the Broadway debuts of Leonard Bernstein and the songwriting/book writing team of Betty Comden and Adolph Green. The current production has been nominated for four Tony Awards: Best Revival of a Musical, Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical (Tony Yazbeck), best choreography (Joshua Bergasse) and best direction of a musical (John Rando.)

To enter the contest for a free pair of tickets to the show on June 4th, answer this question:

What show had the best dancing you ever saw on Broadway?

1. Please put your answer in the comments at the bottom of this blog post, because the winner will be chosen through based on the order of your reply, not its content.
But you must answer the question, complete with explanation (such as at least one specific dance number) or your entry will not be approved for submission.
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3. This contest ends Tuesday, May 26, 2015 at midnight Eastern Time, and I will make the drawing no later than noon the next day. You must respond to my direct message on Twitter within 24 hours or I will choose another winner.
(4. All submissions have to be approved, so you won’t necessarily see your entry right away: Please be patient, and don’t submit more than once.)

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19 thoughts on “Win Two Tickets to On The Town

  1. I’ll have to go with the “West Side Story” revival, but I’m super biased because I love the piece so much. I grew up watching the movie and never thought I’d get to see it onstage. I guess I was particularly awestruck with “America”, mostly because I never thought I’d see anyone’s legs go higher than Rita Moreno and yet, here was Karen Olivo being mindblowing. Sigh.

    Twitter: @josekicksass

  2. This is a really tough one given all the incredible dancing I’ve seen over the years, but I might have to go with Newsies, cuz it was just spectacular choreography/flawless dancers giving their all from start to finish! The epic “Seize the Day” number alone had me grinning like a schoolgirl, and when you throw in tap via “King of New York”…that Tony for Best Choreography was well deserved!


  3. @NewYorkTheater Contact, directed/choreographed by Susan Stroman whom I have loved ever since. I have to admit it is hard to chose one dance, but I guess if forced to it would be the lyrical and classical dance number depicting fantasy while seated in reality at a restaurant. The dancers tell the story with no need for dialogue. @Lisa_Dennett

  4. “Fosse” w/Bebe Neuwirth as the lead doing “Cool Hand Luke.” Her technique is impeccable and the first time seeing it that made me react viscerally.

  5. “Anything Goes” from Anything Goes. I saw it with Stephanie J. Block and I’m also a sucker for big tap numbers. It was completely breath taking and made me loath the fact I can’t dance.

    Twitter: @DianaDiNapoli

  6. This one is really tough! But I have to choose All That Jazz from Chicago. Very seductive with lots of precision. No pomp and circumstance. Just great moves, sexy black outfits all dancing in unison. Yes!

    Twitter: @Lavesq and following

  7. The best dancing I’ve ever seen on broadway was the scene in Newsies “Seize the Day” performed by Davey, Jack, Les and Newsies. I love this seen because it uplifts the spirits of those who feel life is hopeless. I notice this is a reaccuring theme with disney. This dancing theme is full of hope, joy, love, togetherness – also Synchronicity (Unity), Energy (drive), and most importantly life (hope) ! 🙂 I love the part of the scene when they used the newspapers to dance I think it’s super cool and when they do flips and hand stands. It was an incredible dance number!

    twitter name: CarmettheFrog

  8. An American in Paris has the best dancing I’ve seen on Broadway. The choreography was complex, expressive, and exquisite and performed brilliantly. @mymusicboxes

  9. I don’t get to go to Broadway Shows much but on my 50th birthday my husband took me to see The Lion King. I loved it. My favorite and best dance was the Circle of Life. The costumes,music and the dancing were amazing. I was touched by the performers bringing to life the message in the song The Circle of Life. @PiscesMist

  10. This is a tough one! I would have to say “Newsies”. I remember seeing it a couple years ago when visiting the city and was blown away by the choreography. I was already a big fan of the film and music, but the way they transformed it on the stage with the moveable sets was truly spectacular. One of my favorite moments was during “Seize the Day”, the performers grabbed newspapers and were sliding about the stage floor. One specific performer was doing spins and tricks and was remarkable!

    Twitter: @mennuto

  11. For some reason Promises, Promises really sticks out in my mind. I can’t remember any particular numbers that stood out. But the large ensemble choreography was stunning in a production that didn’t quite resonate with 14 year old me. Also Katie Finneran was hilarious.

  12. @paulhernandez97
    The best dancing ive seen is in pippin. The ensemble was really strong

  13. @shippok8er
    “Newsies” had the best dancing! All the boys are jumping, flipping and stages quickly move to different sets too! Their tap dance in “King of New York” is incredible!! ( I especially loved “Seize the Day”, because they dance with actual newspapers. I wish I could see the show one more time.
    Who the main plot falls in love with is different from the actual Disney movie but I loved the show so much.

  14. Newsies for sure! They did not stop dancing the entire show and it was fantastic! I wish it was still on Broadway! @taylorholzer

  15. I would have to say the revival of Anything goes! Being a tapper myself I was completely blown away by the dance break in the title song! @jt_diaz

  16. My favorite dance number was S’Wonderful in “My One and Only,” where Tommy Tune and Twiggy danced in the water. A romantic, high-energy, “splashy” number that I will never forget. So simple and yet so memorable. My Twitter handle is @MimiJudith

  17. I would definitely have to say the best dancing I have ever seen to this date was Fosse. My reason for that are aside from the amazing dancing by all but there are two showstopping solo numbers. One in the beginning by Desmond Richardson dancing to a number called Percussion and the other is Elizabeth Parkinson during Sing Sing Sing. I feel like had I been around to witness the great Ann Reinking in Dancin, that’s what it would’ve felt like. Plus I was at the opening night so it was extra exhilarating. Aside from wanting to jump on stage myself, it was one of those moments you witness where it’s like you feel as if Bob Fosse was in the audience watching. Then again Ann and Gwen and Nicole (his daughter) were there so that was just as amazing. Another “dance” musical like that needs to be done again.

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