Doctor Zhivago on Broadway

I had hoped that a major benefit of winning the Cold War would be no longer having to sit through a show like Doctor Zhivago, a musical adaptation of Pasternak’s novel that presents the Russian Revolution largely as the story of a good-looking couple’s long-simmering adulterous affair and the mean Communists who get in their way. Doctor Zhivago does weave in a whirlwind tour of Russian history of the early twentieth century, but its heart seems to be in a different era – the Broadway of the 1980’s, when musicals were pseudo-operatic, self-serious and soapy, yet somehow ran forever.

Complete review on DC Theatre Scene. Photographs below (Click on any to see it enlarged.)

Update: Doctor Zhivago is closing Sunday, May 10, 2015, after just 26 previews and 23 regular performances

Author: New York Theater

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