Today Is World Theatre Day — How will you be celebrating?

The playwrights of the 2015 Around the World Chain Play, celebrating World Theatre Day
The 18 playwrights from 16 nations of the 2015 Around the World Chain Play, celebrating World Theatre Day
World Theatre Day logo
World Theatre Day logo

World Theatre Day, created in 1961, is celebrated annually on March 27. How will you be celebrating?

The author of the Message of World Theatre Day 2015 is the Polish director Krzysztof Warlikowski!


nycwtd-logo-hiThe Staged Reading of the Third Annual Around-the-World Chain Play is returning to The Lark for World Theater Day 2015 at 7:00pm at The Lark Play Development Center (311 West 43rd Street, 5th Floor.) Attendance is free

The event will also be live streamed on

Starting and ending in NYC, a play is being written as it travels around the world, making 18 stops with playwrights from across the globe. Each playwright is contributing one to five pages of text, moving the plot forward from where the previous playwright left off. Our playwrights are:

Kristoffer Diaz (NYC, USA)

Andrew Templeton (Canada)

Mariana Levy (Argentina)

Mariana Hartasánchez (Mexico)

Ross Mueller (Australia)

Sarah Treem (Los Angeles, USA)

Michelle Tan (Singapore)

Purva Naresh (India)

Vera Ion (Romania)

Natalia Antonova (Russia)

Najwa Sabra (Lebanon)

Deborah Asiimwe (Uganda)

JC Niala (Kenya)

Ogutu Muraya (The Netherlands) Lola Blasco Mena (Spain)

Oladipo Agboluaje (UK)

Ian Rowlands (Wales)

Qui Nguyen (NYC, USA)

Top 10 facts about theater, via the Daily Express 

1. Theatre as we know it began in ancient Greece with a religious ceremony called ‘dithyramb’ in which a chorus of men dressed in goat skins.

2. The word ‘tragedy’ comes from a Greek expression meaning ‘goat song’…

3. …and ‘theatre’ comes from a Greek verb meaning ‘to behold’.

4. Ancient Greek audiences stamped their feet rather than clapping their hands to applaud.

5. World Theatre Day has been held on March 27 every year since 1962 when it was the opening day of the “Theatre of Nations” season in Paris.

6. The longest continuous dramatic performance was 23 hr 33 min 54 sec achieved by the 27 O’Clock Players in New Jersey, USA, on July 27, 2010.

7. They performed The Bald Soprano by Eugene Ionescu, a play written in a continuous loop and said to be totally pointless and plotless.

8. According to Aristotle, the plot is the most important feature of a dramatic performance.

9. Walt Disney World, Florida, has a record 1.2 million costumes in its theatrical wardrobes.

10. The oldest play still in existence is The Persians by Aeschylus, written in 472 BC.

Take a look at some of the photographs in my Pinterest collection of the world’s most beautiful theaters.

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