A Chorus Line, How It Began: Rough Cut Documentary Footage

“A Chorus Line” original cast members, including Priscilla Lopez, and others talk about the beginnings of the landmark Broadway musical in this 25-minute video posted by filmmaker Rick McKay, a rough cut created for his “Broadway: The Golden Age” film trilogy

Underneath the video, the director explains:

This is an extended piece of a chapter about the creation of the original 1975 Broadway show, A CHORUS LINE for the 2015 film, BROADWAY: BEYOND THE GOLDEN AGE, part 2 of RICK MCKAY’S BROADWAY: THE GOLDEN AGE FILM TRILOGY. Fans of the first part of the trilogy have been asking for years to some of the uncut, interview footage that didn’t make it into the film, and I thought this was a good opportunity to share some of this material before it is cut down.

It is MUCH too long even for a possible full-length documentary feature about the creation of ACL, and when used in “Broadway: BEYOND the Golden Age” it will have to be winnowed down to about 2 minutes, as it is just the first step of creating that legendary show.

Mind you, there is no score, and the film has not been color-corrected, audio mastered or archival footage found – so please see it for what it is – a preview of bonus feature on the DVD 😉

And if you have home movies, photos, film or any memorabilia from that time in the theatre or in the ACL workshops, tape sessions or the Broadway or touring run – PLEASE let me know. Thank You – and Enjoy!

Author: New York Theater

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