Cyndi Lauper Gets A Caricature At Sardi’s…and Changes Hair Color

Cyndi Lauper Gets A Caricature At Sardi's...and Changes Hair Color

Cyndi Lauper, a pop star whose first big hit was Girls Just Want To Have Fun 30 years ago, has been embraced by Broadway, undergoing the ritual known as posing with your caricature at Sardi’s. Lauper made her Broadway performing debut in “The Threepenny Opera” seven years ago, but has now written a musical — “Kinky Boots,” up for 13 Tony awards, more than any other show.

In case you’re wondering why her new caricature at Sardi’s presents her as having blonde hair, while the actual Lauper is clearly sporting red (to match the Sardi walls?) — Cyndi Lauper has had pink, red, salmon, green yellow, blonde, and black-colored  hair, sometimes all at once.  The original color of her hair is reportedly blonde.



Author: New York Theater

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